market research poland
market research poland

Market research in Poland is now crucial as we are in a time when the new reality has been ongoing for more than a year and has triggered substantial economic changes. Transformations are apparent in every industry and all countries.

The results of the survey “Enterprises in Poland in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic” revealed that in the period from January 2021 to January 2022, the percentage of businesses being pessimistic regarding the future stayed quite high (27% for the opinion of the situation they are in and as much as 72% for the state of the economy in general).

Given these circumstances, few entrepreneurs became aware of the advantages of conducting market research in Poland. This is partly related to the still insufficient knowledge of the benefits it can bring. The impact recent years introduced proves studying shoppers’ behavior as market trends to not be something learned once and for all but a phenomenon to constantly observe.

Get to know your audience through market research

It is significant to establish a relationship with your customers- when they feel heard and valid, you gain sympathy and loyalty.

The ethical dimension of doing business is becoming crucial, and many people are checking out the manufacturer ahead of purchasing.

In the unstable times (brought by the crisis and the war in Ukraine), many people are looking for a sense of control. Buyers verifying the firm puts pressure on understanding what they are paying attention to. The flood of misinformation and fake news creates a state of confusion. It makes it harder for clients to verify the facts and make conscious decisions. They want to know the products to buy and to ensure delivery in a consistent way to personal ethical views.

The noticeable change in the expectations of the enterprises includes sustainability and ethics. It is of great importance to be responsive and engage with social issues. Sometimes the very lack of responsiveness of a brand can alienate people from it. We saw this in the case of companies choosing not to withdraw from Russia after the war began. Economists pointed out they achieved a lower turnover in Poland than those who decided to withdraw.

Learning about customer expectations

Thanks to market research, we can also learn about even more practical changes in the way consumers buy.

From this, we can conclude that the race for the fastest and most convenient delivery of goods will move toward. Knowing this gives us a chance to adapt to the market’s needs and become competitive. The sooner the better. 

Risk minimization

Trying to consult the decision-making process with co-workers, friends or family is hardly objective. There is a high probability that we receive positive feedback. Similarly, for employees, in most cases, an employee gives a positive evaluation.

Companies consulting market research through external sources of information and specialists have a greater chance of success. These companies may successfully implement marketing policy in the long term because their strategies themselves are professional tools. Market research makes it possible to ask the target market what it thinks of a new product and decide at the concept or test stage whether to improve the product or abandon it altogether. We can count on honesty since the recipient is not emotionally involved. At the same time, it is his view that is crucial to us.

Identifying an occasion

The result of marketing research is a variety of useful data allowing us to get a lot of information. This can be used to find a product niche, which is an advantage over our competitors and allows us to implement innovation quickly.

It is a big help in building a strategy based on opportunities and risks for the firm. One of the methodologies used for this purpose is competitor analysis. It provides a detailed analysis of all current and future competitors in a given market sector in Poland, including their strengths and weaknesses.

Ensuring correct understanding

An example is the introduction of a new, two-faced advertising campaign. From our experience with conducting market research in Poland, it is necessary to test it on a smaller group so we can see if it doesn’t have the opposite effect of damaging the company’s image.

Focus groups or in-depth interviews are proving themselves to be useful in such cases. Notably, in the specific situation in which Poles find themselves, it is easy for some messages to be perceived differently than assumed by an international business who does not know the realities of the specific country. People have been through a lot in recent years, especially covid and instability in the world, and many messages can be triggering for them.

Interviewing potential consumers through market research in Poland is the most effective way to respond and be one step away from the competition. Staying in touch and making sure to “listen” to our audience will allow us to build long-lasting relationships and respond to both the practical and spiritual needs of customers. Brand ethics in certain industries have never been so important as well as researching customer demands.

Published On: June 11th, 2022 at 3:21 AM