Polish consumers increasingly want to know what is happening with the money they leave in stores. Whether they stay in the country or go abroad.

The experts in the country have been talking about such a mature attitude at the store shelf for years. Although the most important criterion for Polish consumers when choosing products for everyday use is price (81% of respondents) and quality (76% of indicatiors), economic patriotism is playing an increasingly important role. At present, the native origin of the product is important for almost half of Polish consumers. For more than a year, the group of respondents who have been guided by this criterion in their daily purchases has significantly increased (by 13%).

Polish consumers are more mature

In the free market economy, the correlation of price and quality is a natural mechanism that consumers are guided by. Now it turns out that the third element has come that is related to the world of values. This is the perception of products that we purchase in a broader social context. In Poland, a group of conscious consumers is growing. They are more and more interested in what happens to their money and where they go. As we become an increasingly prosperous society, we also have a tendency to look for novelty, new expression – also in consumption.

Therefore, a turning point towards what is national and local is inevitable. Polish buyers want more and more Polish, local products in addition to food, the popularity of Polish consumers of cosmetics, furniture and financial services is increasing.attachment to Polish products is a natural trend related to the development of the economy and consumer awareness. – In an optimistic scenario, we may come to a situation like in Germany, where economic patriotism is very strong.