Black Friday in Poland

Polish consumers nearly 80% more active in seeking opportunities than a year ago.

This year, consumers have increased their activity in the search for phrases about Black Friday. Compared to last year, there was a huge increase, because by almost 80%. In this year “Black Friday” was searched almost three times more often than a year ago. Previously, the highest notes had a TV set, which now was not even in the top 15.

For the second time in a row the laptop was in the 2nd position. And this time, it was searched almost twice more often. It was also noticed that brands of specific producers became more popular than the names of stores, as it was in 2017. The most active turned out to be consumers in big cities.

In cities, people earn the most and their wages grow the fastest. The demand is concentrated there, also connected with dense population. All Polish consumers are interested in promotions, but the ease and frequency in receiving promotions and the average earnings of a young consumer, makes the phenomenon of Black Friday the largest in big cities.

Record-breaking sales this year were noticed by one of the most popular clothing stores on-line – Zalando. The company has completed one of the most important trade events with record results of around 2 million orders. During the rush hours, the service recorded over 4200 transactions per minute, beating last year’s record of 2000 orders per minute. This year Zalando also gained over 220,000 new customers, which means more than twice as many as in 2017 when accounts were set up by 100,000 people. This year’s bestseller on the platform were black sneakers.

Cyber Monday was also very popular, during which those who did not manage to make purchases in Black Friday, will be able to take advantage of the discounts. This year Polish trade pressed more strongly on Black Week than Black Friday itself. Most special offers were available from Monday, which undoubtedly affected much more interest in the phrase “Black Friday” in current than last year.