The fascination of Polish consumers with craft beer is growing. Our country is one of the most developed markets in the world when it comes to the number of beer styles available. According to a recent survey, 243 operating in Poland breweries released a record number of at least 2013 new beers in more than 60 beer styles.

The development and popularity of craft beers is influenced by the more and more frequent openings of bars with taps. From there are poured draft beers and numerous beer festivals. It is worth noting that at the beginning of April this year, for the 10th time, the Warsaw Beer Festival will be launched. According to the organizers’ forecasts will attract about 20,000 lovers of the golden beverage. The interest in craft beer is largely due to the growing consumer requirements for beer, its type, quality and taste.

Therefore, brewing excellent beer is a considerable challenge for producers of craft beers. The brewing industry is developing extremely dynamically. New fashions appear and sometimes disappear very quickly. The popularity of craft beers meant that large beer companies more and more often introduce to their offers flavors of beers reminiscent of their style of craft beer.

However, the corporations have yet another recipient and other beer than craft breweries. They stand out with packaging, not with a niche consumer who likes unique flavors.

However, the customer is slowly ceasing to be so vulnerable to advertising tricks. The low-priced beers with a known taste are already saturated.

In a sense, advertising in other styles is a disservice to craft brewers who can not afford TV and large format commercials. Or maybe thanks to this, consumers will learn that there is a world of taste that they had no idea of.