Stratega Market Research Poland offers market research in Poland using CATI methodology from our call centre in central Poland. CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) is still one of the most commonly used market research methods in Poland. We have a 20 station professional CATI studio located in Belchatow in central Poland in close proximity to Warsaw and Lodz and three major international airports. Our call centre is fully equipped to meet the highest requirements of our clients. All our CATI interviews conducted from our call centre can be recorded. Our interviewers are fully trained and comply with marketing research best practice standards as well as Esomar and EphMRA codes of conduct. As a member of Esomar and EphMRA, we follow the highest quality standards and we are fully transparent about the way we execute market research projects. We also ensure full compliance with data protection laws in Poland concerning market research agencies.
Stratega Poland offers CATI marketing research services in Poland to international market research agencies conducting studies that include Poland as well as other companies seeking a professional market research firm in Poland. We offer both fieldwork only as well as full service market research services. Our services include data collection, programming, questionnaire writing and adaptation of international questionnaires, data tables, reports as well as recruitment to web and recruitment to central location.
We cover consumer, healthcare, B2B and agriculture sectors. We use well-trained interviewers. For all our healthcare market research projects in Poland we use professional healthcare interviewers fully trained in conducting market research projects for pharmaceutical and medical device industry. In particular, all our medical interviewers are trained in interviewing physicians in compliance with EphMRA code of conduct as well as adverse event reporting requirements.