According to the latest research, Over 30 % of Polish buyers have learned to pretend that they like the gift. Around 30 % complains about it in their head but shows nothing on the outside, and nearly 27 % makes a good face to bad play. Missed gifts are a Christmas nightmare that can spoil the Christmas atmosphere for every third of Polish consumer.

Latest reaserch showed the importance of gifts and their important impact on the atmosphere of holidays. For 31% of Polish consumers questioned, receiving the wrong gift is the main reason for spoiling the atmosphere and Christmas mood. Almost 23% of respondents point to stress related to the inadequacy of a gift for a loved one.  Nearly 16% to the negative reaction of the recipients. Another factor that can also spoil the Christmas atmosphere is running under stress during looking for a gift.

Buying Christmas gifts is not an easy task. From the group of 1337 Polish consumers asked, only 37% can say that they enjoy it. Over a 33% declare that they do not like doing it, because it makes them difficult to buy gifts. And almost 11% admit openly that it is a torment and unpleasant duty for them.

Most of us pay attention to what we buy for other people for a gift. As many as 67% of respondents claim, that they are considering the choice and adapting the gift to the interests and the age of the person.  1300 of Polish consumers was surveyes and around 20% openly admit that despite good intentions, they often do not go with a gift.  4% of them want to have it just from their heads.

What do we do with an unwanted gift?

Nearly 62% of the Polish buyers surveyed, claim that they put aside the missed gift on the shelf. Almost 29% give it to someone else. Nearly 7% sell it. And almost 2% admit openly that they simply throw it in the trash.
The interviewed respondents say that they do not like to receive repeatable gifts (nearly 41% ). Boring and uninteresting (over 26%).  And practical gifts (nearly 19%).

What gifts do we value?

Every third of the Polish consumers would like to replace traditional gifts with ones that allow experiencing something new and will remain in memory for a long time. 19% od Polish consumers said that, surprises are important, despite the risk of a missed gift.  Nearly 19% bet on gifts that evoke emotions. 17% of respondents claim that, a valuable form of a gift is one that you can choose yourself by giving a card or a voucher.