Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is the one of the basic services we offer in Stratega Poland. This is a detailed analysis of all current and future competitors in a particular market sector in Poland, including their strengths and weaknesses, as well as strategic recommendations. Prepared by the team of Stratega Research Market agency, market analysis is a great basis for marketing strategy of a company. We also do our best to present our competitor analyses in a reader-friendly manner.

Market reports with analysis of competition include detailed profiles of competitors. Thus, we prepare systematized reports taking into account all the basic information about competitors, such as:

Basic information: offices, number of employees, as well as legal status, and subsidiaries.

Finance: sources of funding, turnover, and profits

Products and services: products and services offered, prices, willingness to negotiate, new products, products in preparation, plans.

Marketing: a way of communication, way of selling, the channel of sales, price policy, discounts

Staff: key people, main sellers, salary, the amount of commission, the morale of employees.

Media and Internet: presence in the media, online presence, internet analysis, analysis of positioning.

Above all, we always aim at preparing professional market reports based on verified data. As a result, the management boards can undertake the best business decisions.