In the beer industry, new consumer preferences clearly evolve, which evolve from traditional prices, taste values ​​and accessibility, towards those related to the diversity of choices (including those related to healthier choices), transparency in action, safety and quality of the product, social impact , care for natural well-being and the overall experience of the consumer.

The popularity of beer in Poland is growing every year. At the moment, about 97 liters per person are consumed on the Vistula River every year, which gives us the fourth place in Europe.

According to a recent survey, in 2018 40,93 million hectoliters of beer were produced, by 2.6 percent. more than in 2017. Sales are also growing. According to data from the research firm Nielsen, last year its value amounted to PLN 16.8 billion, ie by 7.7 percent. more year to year. The difference is also seen in the amount of the sold liquor, last year from the store shelves disappeared by 4.1 percent. more liters than 12 months earlier. Last year also brought an interesting observation about the changing tastes of Poles. The segment of low-alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers affected a real revolution, and sales in value terms increased by almost 80%.

Around 90 % of money spent on the purchase, including packaging, professional and marketing services, raw materials from the agricultural industry and food processing has been on the Vistula River.

In total, the industry generated in 2018 PLN 19.4 billion of value added.Only in the breweries alone, there are approx. 9.3 thousand employees. However, if you add to this place of work in industries related to brewing, primarily in trade, agriculture and food processing as well as hotel and catering sectors, the total number of jobs related to beer reaches 157.5 thousand.