The economic situation in Poland

A recent survey shows that Polish consumers still assess the current economic situation in Poland as good. Compared to other European societies, we are rather optimistic about the current state of the economy in our country. According to the study, it was more common to be satisfied with the economic situation in the country in Poland, than for instance in France or the UK. Yet, even though only 14% of respondents had the feeling that Poland struggles with crisis nowadays, one out of three of us feel our finances are in worse condition than they used to be the previous year.

The future

However, we are not that optimistic about our financial future. Many people in Poland believe that our country is on the verge of crisis and the worse times are coming. Some of us, have already cut spendings on food, clothing, or even medicines, some Polish people admit they had recently struggled to afford a doctor’s appointment when in need.

Numerous B2B market research agencies in Poland indicates that despite a rather low unemployment rate, wages are not rising that fast. This results in a feeling of going through hardship or lack of satisfaction with one’s financial situation. Many Polish citizens feel way poorer than their European counterparts. The differences in the quality of life are usually more visible during traveling all around Europe. The discrepancy between the incomes and the value of money in various countries might affect the sense of financial stability.

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Published On: October 25th, 2019 at 4:23 AM