The economic situation in Poland

A recent survey shows that Polish consumers still assess the current economic situation in Poland as good. Only 14% see signs of recession. Also, approximately 34% claim that the situation in Poland is generally worse than a year ago.

Compared to other European societies, they are very optimistic about the current state of the economy and their economic situation. In this assessment, they often outweigh the citizens of countries that have always been considered prosperous, such as France or the United Kingdom. Of course, the assessment of the situation is usually very subjective and largely depends on the reference point.

The future

However, the situation changes when it comes to questions about the future. Over 50% believe that the recession will come in a few months. Moreover, they are already getting ready for it. What’s more, some already feel that their situation is worse. Over 50% begins to cut spending on food and clothing out of home.

We know from numerous marketing research in Poland that Poles feel it is hard. Although we have a very low unemployment rate, at the same time wages are not rising so fast and Poles still feel that they are lagging behind other EU countries when it comes to earnings. They especially see it when they travel –  they see the differences in the quality of living. Until there is significant and reliable information that something is improving they will be sure that it is getting worse.

Everyday life

The latest research shows that 33% of Polish consumers say that they find it harder to make ends meet than a year ago; in the 45-65 age group, 39% already say so. In turn, 28% admits that recently they could not afford a doctor’s visit – in cities with 100 to 199 thousand inhabitants this percentage is already 36% besides, 30% reduces expenses on medicines, and every third respondent also on food.