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Combining Qualitative and Quantitative

Methods for Reliable Data Collection

Reliable data collecting is crucial when conducting market research in Hungary and internationally in order to obtain precise and useful insights. We have in-depth understanding of the Hungarian and Eastern European market and the subtle cultural differences that can affect research outcomes due to being local experts. We pledge to give you high-quality, individualized research, focusing on both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Contact us to get a quote for Hungarian or CEE region market.

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International Data Collection

Market Research Hungary – Local Expert for Reliable Data Collection

Stratega Market Research is a full-service market research covering Hungary and other CEE region countries (Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Baltics and more), offering qualitative and quantitative research services including recruitment, viewing facilities, research moderation, and simultaneous translation. In Hungary, our company specializes in consumer, healthcare, and business-to-business market research. Customers can access traditional and online focus groups, telephone interviews, and online communities through us. We make sure that our clients can comprehend the research analysis, summary reports, competitive analyses, and presentations in English so they may make informed conclusions from the results. Our Hungarian project managers speak fluent English, have a tremendous amount of expertise with conducting global market research, and provide local knowledge.

As a reliable and experienced partner for international research agencies and consulting companies, we can work as a data collection partner or as a stand-alone full-service research agency. Our extensive expertise and in-depth understanding of the Hungarian market, as well as our worldwide perspective, enable us to provide our clients with high-quality, precise, and usable data collection. Contact us right away to learn more about our Hungarian market research service.

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Expert Data Collection For Comprehensive Market Research in Hungary

Traditional and innovative market research methodologies for gathering reliable and compelling data. Best in class market research, fieldwork services, recruitment, and research facilities.

Online Qualitative
In-person Qualitative
Mystery Shopping
CATI Stratega Poland & CEE - marketing research company

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Specialized Market Research Services for In-Depth Insights into the Hungarian Market

We are a recognized market research company with knowledge and experience in various industries. Our web panels and respondent recruitment services include business-to-business research in addition to consumer, healthcare, as well as other types of research.

Consumer Market Research

The consumer market research study conducted by Stratega is the result of years of accumulating a vast library of questions and market research in Poland.

Healthcare Research

Our professional collaborations with Eastern European nations combine in-depth business understanding of medical equipment with a novel approach to pharmaceutical marketing research.

B2B Market Research

Due to its expanding economy, consumer and retailer confidence is high in Eastern Europe; Stratega’s market research services enable access to all sorts of respondents and the identification of best practises for B2B product positioning strategy.

Qualitative Market Research – Unlocking Valuable Insights For Hungarian Market Research

The social world in which we live centers around our interactions with each other. Cultures, relationships, and values can tell you a lot about society’s expectations. Qualitative market research allows you to gain deeper understanding and insights while testing concepts of products and services with your target groups.

Bring a group of people together to learn more about your product by asking them open-ended questions.

Identify and attract a target group that most nearly fits your intended audience.

Asking expansive questions will help a group of individuals get together to share opinions and learn more about your product.

Let our interviewers gather statistical data and subjective impressions by interviewing individuals at length.

Identify and attract a target group that most nearly fits your intended audience.

Do you want to make sure your product is user-friendly and approachable? User experience is fruitful methodology that focuses on customer’s experience with particular product, service or even brand. It is all about opinion of interaction, the insights that come from actual using the tested artefact.

Use our iView facility to gather respondents, demonstrate products and collect results.

Gain marketing insight from a closed member group of like-minded persons.

Discover what a target audience perceives about your product or service by gathering feedback from a full-service research agency.

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Data-Driven Insights – Quantitative Market Research For Accurate Hungarian Market Research

Stratega is a market research agency based in Poland, offering services both domestically and abroad – notably in Hungary, Ukraine and other Eastern European locations. We offer panels in Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria and across the whole region.

We provide quantitative research services in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria where we support corporations, foreign investors, international market research agencies, and online panel providers with online, telephone, F2F, and market research.

Stratega delivers quantitative market research services that covers a wide variety of target groups.

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is an interviewer-led questionnaire that occurs over the phone, in any geographical region. A computer handles all data routing and aggregation for quick turnaround results.

Face-to-face quantitative market research lends itself to situations where measuring sensory response is necessary.

A hands-on marketing analysis of user response to vehicle features to improve design elements, branding, and pricing.

Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) takes place face-to-face, making it the best choice when needing to show material to respondents.

Also known as a Central Location Test (CLT), the Hall Test gathers impromptu responses from people at a public location.

Using a predetermined rubric, anonymous shoppers rate their retail experiences.

Interviewers conduct online surveys and questionnaires to provide some of the fastest results and most cost-effective market research in Poland.

Automated calls ask pre-identified respondents a series of questions and computers collect responses from online communities.

Get insightful feedback from users about your invention with the help of a professionally conducted product testing research.

Excellent project management, Great Team

Overall, I had a fantastic experience working with Stratega’s team, and I would not hesitate to work with them again in the future. Their outstanding project management skills and attention to detail make them an ideal partner for any research project. I’m confident that they can handle any project with the same level of excellence that they demonstrated during our collaboration.

Christina, Project Manager, Ipsos
Great recruitment, great respondents

Stratega helped us recruit an online community across several markets which was run on a qualitative platform, and we were impressed with the quality of respondents they provided. We had real people, with strong opinions. The insights we gained were very deep, and our client was extremely happy with the results. I highly recommend them for any research project or recruitment needs.

Thomas, Project Manager, Ipsos
Outstanding data collection and research

Stratega’s expert team delivered on-time, high-quality data collection and research with exceptional client support. Their attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond on every stage of the project was very helpful with many stakeholders involved on our side. I strongly recommend them for any research project. The insight we received on our concept testing project were very clear.

Jane, Manager, HRA Pharma

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Mystery Shopping – Expert Evaluation of Hungarian Market

We provide mystery shopping services across all industries and shopper types. Our experience includes large automotive audits, consumer mystery shopping, banking and online banking, as well as many sectors of B2B where we use real entrepreneurs as shoppers. Our in-house recruitment team can provide nearly any profile of shoppers


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We do market research and data collection in Hungary. We offer qualitative and quantitative market research services, including online and traditional focus groups, online discussion boards, in-depth interviews, telephone interviews, shop audits, mystery shopping, and car clinics. We recruit consumers, B2B, and healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, and patients. Our large panel and in-house recruitment team can handle almost any project.

Meet Our Team

Our team includes experienced researchers and project managers located across the region with in-depth expertise in the local markets we cover.

Lukasz Wdowiak
Lukasz WdowiakBusiness Development Director
Izabela Remba
Izabela RembaOperations Director
Alicja Drewicz
Alicja DrewiczSenior Account Manager
Marta Gorska
Marta GorskaSenior Project Manager
Magdalena Bednarek
Magdalena BednarekCost Specialist
Anna Piatek
Anna PiatekCRM Administrator
Dominik Kucharski
Dominik KucharskiProject Manager
Weronika Fraczak
Weronika FraczakSenior Project Manager
Marcin Czapek
Marcin CzapekField Director
Aleksandra Knejska-Zaręba
Aleksandra Knejska-ZarębaRecruitment Manager
Magdalena Kepinska
Magdalena KepinskaAccounts (Poland)
Magda Adamala
Magda AdamalaAccounts (Poland)
Bob Qureshi
Bob QureshiStrategic Advisor (UK)
James Cabral
James CabralBusiness Development (US)
Hanna Heller
Hanna HellerCRM Administrator
Hanna Oleksyshyn
Hanna OleksyshynProject Manager (Ukraine)
Martyna Luczynska
Martyna LuczynskaProject Manager (Poland)
Przemyslaw Dukat
Przemyslaw DukatProject Manager (Poland)
Natalia Zwolak
Natalia ZwolakRecruitment Specialist (Poland)
Tom Rees
Tom ReesBusiness Development Manager

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