Mystery shopping

Stratega the market research agency performs market research called Mystery Shopping. Mystery shopping is a method of marketing studies especially important to understanding and managing the quality of customer service. All programs implementing comprehensive services should begin with a study of the type of mystery shopping. These researches can provide a basis of corrective or improving customer service programs. The mystery shopping research data often is extremely valuable information in the process of training customer service staff.

Stratega has extensive experience in mystery shopping research for different types of services. Mystery shopping research consists in playing a role of client and checking the quality of customer service by using the service of the company which commissioned the survey. We do not limit ourselves to a visit to sales points, but we estimate the overall process. This is especially important in the case of companies involved in the sale of items or services with a high value or such companies for which the relations with client are long-term. Controllers who conduct the mystery shopping research are behaving like clients. The Stratega Company chooses the controllers in such way that their behavior and demographic characteristics is exactly same as a typical customer of audited company. If we conduct the research on the gas station, our auditor is the driver and if we conduct the research in a clinic, our auditor is a patient. Team of the market research agency prepares complex scripts involving all interaction’s points between a potential client and the customer service employee. We are experienced in conducting the mystery shopping research for businesses, banks, restaurants, cafes, car shops, developers, clinics, pharmacies and much more different kinds of services.
Mystery Shopping Benchmarking

As a part of mystery shopping researches, we offer also benchmarking that is the evaluation of the customer service quality in the comparison with the competitive companies. The final report of the Strategy Company shows in what position is a client comparing with the competitive companies, what are the pros and cons of its customer services and in what area of services should the client improve the customer service. The final report indicates also what technique of competitors’ ideas would have been beneficial for client’s company