Stratega Poland, a market research company in Poland has opened a new centrally located office in Warsaw. Stratega Poland is moving its headquarters to Equator II Business Centre located in the city center at Aleje Jerozolimskie 96. New central location in Warsaw in close proximity to a famous shopping mall Złote Tarasy and Paląc Kultury. It features spacious offices, a focus group room, and a conference room. Additionally, there is a reception and waiting area for market research respondents and clients.

New location

Because of the dynamic growth of our company and high demand from international clients for a Warsaw-based central location, we were considering a move to a new location for a while. Thus, we were searching for a new location that would be centrally located. Ideally, near a major shopping mall and all top hotels within the center of Warsaw. Easy access from the airport was crucial! Equator II located in the city center near the Złote Tarsy shopping mall meets all our requirements”. Says Lukasz Wdowiak, Director, Business Development at Stratega Poland.

Stratega Poland is a market research company based in Poland specialized in consumer research, pharmaceutical market research, automotive research, and B2B. We offer fieldwork services to international market research agencies and support international clients entering the Polish market. As a result, Stratega offers both qualitative and quantitative market research including focus groups with consumers, physicians, and B2B respondents. In addition to that, Stratega operates a CATI studio and an online panel in Poland.

“Our new central location in Warsaw gives our clients and respondents easier access. As a result, our location near the Zlote Tarasy shopping mall provides a fantastic Warsaw central location solution for qualitative market research in Poland. Also it exceptionally complements our CATI studio and operations office in Belchatow” – says Izabela Remba, Director, Market Research Operations at Stratega Poland.

Published On: April 4th, 2014 at 3:59 AM