online market research in Poland
online market research in Poland

Changing business reality

Considering the current situation with COVID-19, many companies and even whole industries needed to change the way they operate. Many have closed temporarily or permanently, many needed to find solutions to adapt to the new situation. Yet, some businesses have jumped at the occurring chance, for example, going global and moving online. This also happened in the case of online market research in Poland.

New reality required us to be even more flexible as regards the methodology we use. For the last few years, Stratega has specialized in online market research. Yet, we also needed to adjust our plans and possibilities and learn how to move the majority of our projects to the virtual reality.

Online market research in Poland

Quantitative online studies

Based on questionnaires (provided by the Client or developed with our assistance), we can run online surveys addressed to numerous respondents at the same time. This method allows for advanced statistical analysis including correlation, regression, or analysis of variance. As a result, the Client might identify the complex relationships between customers’ perceptions or preferences and detailed campaign features (for example, as a part of the ad or product testing). It is also possible to determine factors affecting customer’s decisions or conduct market segmentation.

Qualitative studies

Online focus groups and in-depth interviews

Just as traditional focus groups in the facility, we can organize such group interviews online, just as efficiently! Using various online platforms, we can organize groups including moderators and simultaneous translators at the same time, with no impact on the interview flow. It is also possible to run one-on-one sessions using the same method. Importantly, it has become incredibly easy to use stimuli (e.g. visuals or videos) during the online sessions. Nothing easier! Just share your screen or use a whiteboard, and your respondent is ready to write his or her comment or highlight the elements that require attention.

Market Research Online Communities (MROCs)

MROCs offers a multitude of possibilities for online market research in Poland: online bulletin boards, forum, and app groups… An online forum dedicated to a particular research project makes it easy for respondents to realize various tasks. They simply log into the forum and they are ready to fill in questionnaires, post videos, answer moderator’s questions, or perform some tasks requested by the moderator. Our moderators are also there to facilitate the process! They might ask questions, encourage, and motivate respondents to share their opinions or feelings.

The popularity of various chat apps made it easy and accessible to run research online. They have all the functionalities of standard online bulletin boards, but the access to them is even easier for the respondent. Frequently, the only thing they need is their mobile phone and they can join in research sessions. Similarly to online bulletin boards, here, it is also comfortable for the moderators and the Clients, who can log in and see the results of the respondents’ work.

Published On: May 5th, 2020 at 8:24 PM