Phone to Web recruitment

At Stratega Poland, we take market research to new heights with our cutting-edge phone to web recruitment solutions. Our specialized approach allows us to recruit low-incidence consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals, patients, and other respondents who are challenging to reach through traditional online panels. By integrating phone to web recruitment with other methods, our CATI call center significantly enhances sample sizes for online research studies, expanding the scope of universe coverage.

Boosting Online Research Studies:

With Stratega’s phone to web recruitment, we continuously extend our reach, covering a broader spectrum of market research studies. Our tailored approach enables us to address the unique challenges of reaching elusive respondents, thereby maximizing the accuracy and reliability of our findings.

International Partnerships for Market Research Excellence:

Stratega collaborates with renowned international market research firms and panel providers, empowering them to strengthen their online research capabilities in Poland. Our strategic partnerships enhance their research endeavors, ensuring they gain a comprehensive understanding of the Polish market landscape.

Specialized P2W Capabilities:

Our phone to web recruitment expertise in Poland shines particularly in consumer, healthcare, and B2B market research. In healthcare market research, we excel at boosting feasibility and increasing the number of physicians and healthcare professionals available for interviews.

Experienced CATI Team:

Our CATI team boasts extensive experience in conducting phone to web market research studies in Poland. Utilizing automated software, we achieve a substantial number of completes through our phone recruitment efforts, streamlining the process for efficient and reliable data collection.

Empower Your Market Research with Stratega:

Discover the power of phone to web recruitment with Stratega Poland. Let us tailor our solutions to your unique research needs, ensuring you gather the most accurate and actionable insights. As your trusted partner, we are committed to elevating your market research endeavors and driving your business forward.

Unlock New Dimensions of Market Insights:

Unleash the potential of phone to web recruitment for your market research in Poland. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities and secure success in a competitive market landscape. Together, we’ll pave the way for transformative market insights and strategic decision-making