Phone to Web

Stratega Poland offers phone to web recruitment for market research in Poland recruiting low incidence consumer, physicians, healthcare professionals, patients and other type of marketing research respondents who are difficult to recruit through an online panel. Our CATI call centre allows us to boost sample sizes for online research studies by adding phone to web recruitment to other recruitment methods increasing the share of universe we can cover in market research studies. We work with a number of international market research firms and panel providers boosting their online market research capabilities in Poland by supporting them with our online panel and phone to web recruitment.
Our P2W capabilities in Poland are particularly strong in consumer, healthcare and B2B market research. In particular, in healthcare market research in Poland we are able to significantly boost feasibility and increase the number of physicians and healthcare professionals that can be interviewed.
Our CATI team is fully trained in conducting phone to web marketing research studies in Poland and we use automated software allowing us to achieve significant number of completes from phone recruitment.