Polacy kupują droższe smartfony
Polacy kupują droższe smartfony
A few years ago, over 2.5 thousand phones on the smartphone market. zlotys were a niche category in Poland. It was literally a few percent of all equipment sold. These were the times when we paid PLN 2,999 for the flagship phone in Poland. Today the situation is completely different. As it turns out, the smartphone market in Poland at a price of over EUR 600 (around PLN 2,500) is currently 15%.

This is a big step forward in recent years. We are probably still far from Western European countries, but interestingly, when this segment has a downward trend, high-end continues to grow in Poland.

Poles buy expensive smartphones – but what brands?

Huawei boasts of its activities in Poland. The increases are very impressive – the company currently has almost 1/3 of the market. Exactly, it is 29.5% by volume and 27% by value, which increases year-on-year at 35% and 39% respectively. However, this most expensive shelf looks especially interesting. Here, Huawei increased its share by 293% per year.

Two or three years ago, the “600+ euro” segment was split between Apple and Samsung. Other brands fought for customer remnants. Of course, it was worth it anyway, because the high-end margin is the highest anyway. Today we know that 16-17% of this segment belongs to Huawei. Contrary to predictions, it does not seem that Xiaomi (a brand dynamically developing in Poland) has achieved particularly significant successes in this field. So we can assume that Apple and Samsung still dominate the high-end. However, the market research study in Poland reveals the situation changes from year to year and trends in this sector continue to change rapidly.

Published On: June 28th, 2019 at 2:24 PM