The total assets of all Poles are still much smaller than the wealth of the most wealthy countries. However, it seems that it’s going to change. We are among those in the world who got rich the most quickly in the last year.

Nearly 49% od Polish consumers have savings and is not afraid of sudden, random expenses. In a recent study, respondents said that the amount that gives a sense of financial security is 8,400 PLN.

Around 78% respondents claim that saving is important. Nearly 81% women surveyed say that saving is extremly important. Among men this percentage is smaller but still high (around 75%). At the same time more than 40% women and more than 35% of men, do not reach the minimum level of savings that they think a person should have in their family and life situation.
The research also confirmed that young people attach less importance to financial security than older ones. 63 % of respondents in the age of 15-24 save, but only 35% of them has a satisfactory sum of money. Among respondents between 60 and 75 years old, nearly 90% attach a lot of attention to saving. More than 50% have a safe amount of savings, which gives them a sense of financial security.

Two years ago, the average amount declared by the respondents as giving a sense of security was 3240 PLN. A year ago it increased to 5,000 PLN. This years this amount is 8,400 PLN. Almost 1/4 of respondents believe that the real financial stability can provide them with savings above PLN 10,000. Interestingly, in large cities (over 500,000 residents), this amount was reported by more than 50% of people. The highest amounts were most often indicated by people in the age of 45-59. They were with higher education, running their own business.

The decision to save means specific actions, including planning a home budget or allocating a certain amount to savings. The iron consistency is important. Thanks to this, it will be easier for us to manage the money that will be left to us, increase our savings and, as a result, accumulate sufficient funds to improve our financial situation and a peaceful life.