All of the shops are preparing to start the Christmas shopping marathon and sale. Traders are wondering what to do to attract buyers effectively. According to the research conducted in 2017, 35% of buyers took advantage from pre-Christmas promotions. It is suppose to be 55% of Polish consumers this year. Latest research showed what Polish consumers are counting on this year’s sale and what marketing activities have the greatest chance to convince them to purchase.

Every fourth Polish consumer declares that he will take advantage of this year’s sale prepared for the pre-Christmas promotion. At the same time, almost half of us (nearly 48 %) claim that they only use any promotions if they are the things that we were going to buy anyway.

During this year’s pre-Christmas sale, 71 % of Polish consumers are looking to visit the shopping outlets or websites of their favorite clothing brands in search of the best opportunities. Electronics, home appliances and computers – these are the next sought categories. Men definitely do count on these products at attractive prices.

Thanks to the latest research, it was showed that the Polish consumer is not convinced of loyalty cards (around 16% consider them attractive), and even less so for the discounts received for a specific payment method. Promotions such as “second product for a penny” (nearly 41%) or the possibility of using free delivery (about 25%) are definitely more attractive.

Stores with clothing and footwear should be prepared for real crowds. This category of products was most often indicated by respondents who plan purchases during the pre-Christmas sales (71%).

There are definitely less consumers who are interested in promotions for other product categories are. Around 26% of consumers will be interested in discounts on laptops and PCs and RTV equipment. Slightly more than every fifth will be interested in household appliances (22%). A similar group focuses on cosmetics and perfumes. This category is definitely dominated by female consumers (nearly 24%).

It is not surprising that the youngest (18-29 years old) will be hunting for digital content. Around 26% counts on the reduction of prices for games, subscriptions and programs. It is also a category preferred by men. On the other hand, the oldest respondents wait for the lowest price of books (66% of sixty-year-olds).