26th and 27th of October 2016 Stratega Poland and i-view Warsaw will participate at The Research and Results conference in Munich. Stratega Poland and I-view Warsaw will be exhibiting at the Research and Results conference that will be held on 26th and 27th of October 2016 for the third time. Lukasz Wdowiak, Izabela Remba, Karolina Barylska will be representatives of Stratega Poland and Magdalena Remba will take part in the event representing I-view Warsaw.

Stratega Poland is an agency specializing in qualitative and quantitative market research for Poland and Eastern Europe and the Research and results conference is one of the best opportunities to meet new and existing clients.

We will be really pleased to have this opportunity to discuss international abilities and exchange thoughts with new potential clients.

The i-view Warsaw representative Magdalena Remba will be available to give a brief of our capability to conduct qualitative research. She will also assist everyone with their queries concerning our i-view Warsaw conference room.

i-view Warsaw and Stratega will share the stand with partners from Five Research including i-view London, Estudio Silvia Roca, Viewpoint Europe, Fieldbox and Fieldwork Network.

Stratega Poland and i-view Warsaw are very pleased to represent Eastern Europe by taking a part in the trade show in Munich. Our representatives will provide assistance to international colleagues within the CEE region. Stratega, with its qualitative and quantitative market research capabilities, is the most suitable agency to support companies from around the world with all their needs in order to conduct market research in Poland and the CEE region.

We are known for our wide range of methodologies including Focus Groups, IDIs, TDIs, Online, CATI, CAPI, Ethnography, Online Bulletin Boards and Online Communities across the region and local expertise in all Eastern European Markets. We also offer Focus groups recruitment and moderation.

Stratega is an ideal company for all types of market research services in Poland and Eastern Europe. Stratega Poland connects its clients to the CEE region, and I-view Warsaw, is considered one of the top viewing facilities in the region.

Published On: September 8th, 2016 at 12:05 AM