Oszczędzanie daje mnóstwo satysfakcji
Oszczędzanie daje mnóstwo satysfakcji
Almost half of the surveyed Poles believe that the last year was financially satisfactory. This is because a large number of respondents started saving. However, there are also dissatisfied people. Every third respondent feels bad about their finances, shows some in-depth market research studies conducted in Poland.

Exactly 49% of respondents are satisfied with their finances. 35% of respondents are dissatisfied, and 16% are unable to identify themselves. It is interesting that it is not the increase in wages, changing jobs for a better job or better salary that is the reason Poles are satisfied. Saving is the key to happiness. It requires self-control, sacrifice and planning, but it reflects even more. We feel safe, feel good, and our self-esteem increases. Thanks to savings, emergencies are not so terrible.

The money set aside often helps us with credit problems. In some cases, we don’t need to take it, and in some cases, saving has helped in applying for a loan. 37% of respondents are happy that in 2019 they did not have to take out a loan or take a loan. However, every fifth dissatisfied Pole was forced to take out a loan.

Every fourth respondent believes that 2019 was a satisfying year due to the increase. 15% praise the change of position or place of work. However, the percentage of people saying that saving was the best reason to be satisfied is much higher.

A large proportion of the surveyed Poles also appreciate the positive effects of social programs – there are as many as 16% of them. In 2019, we were able to collect the 13th pension for the first time, the 500+ program was extended, and from August people up to the age of 26 were exempt from income tax. This is probably why parents are the most satisfied group of the surveyed people. Thanks to additional income from the social security, they could introduce savings into their lives.

However, almost 40% were disappointed by the lack of savings. Not everyone could afford such a luxury as monthly putting aside a certain amount – more or less. Every third respondent complains about insufficient wages and salaries. A large proportion of people also had problems with changing jobs for a better one. They complain about failures in searching for a better-paid job or position.

Published On: January 15th, 2020 at 11:53 AM