Stratega Poland & CEE are most excited to be marking their presence again, at one of the world’s leading conference in market research, The Quirk’s. Over 1000 participants and sponsors have registered at this sold-out event and is scheduled to take place in New York on February 23rd and 24th 2017.

It’s a compelling venture ahead for Stratega Poland & Eastern Europe to be exhibiting at The Quirk’s conference but also in conjunction, they will be partaking in other associated key market research events, such as the Market Research Jam Session at the Hill Country, Sunday, February 22, 2016, and The Research Club Monday, February 23, 7:30 p.m., Amarachi Prime.

Stratega Poland & CEE will be presenting at these major market research events, together with friends and partners from Fieldwork Network, I-View London, Estudio Silvia Rocca, and Viewpoint Europe and we invite you to our booth 610 to where you will meet Izabela Remba and Lukasz Wdowiak,

Here we have two exhilarating comments from the Business Development Director and the Operations Director at Stratega Poland.

“We encourage you to come and visit our booth and also meet us at the Research Club. We guarantee that we will ensure our time is well utilized interacting and getting to know our clients at all these events.”

Remarked Lukasz Wdowiak, Business Development Director at Stratega Poland.

A further welcoming comment below, from Izabela Remba, Operations Director at Stratega Poland, which echoes the excitement of the company to be participating at The Quirk’s.

“What a great chance to come together again at The Quirk’s in New York, to meet directly the US-based companies that Stratega Poland serves, who are conducting market research projects in Poland and Eastern Europe. It’s certainly privileged to meet and greet these clienteles, and we eagerly look forward to the opportunity.”

Stratega Poland & CEE deals in extensive and complete market research in Poland and Eastern Europe offered to US-based companies, along with exclusive service delivering fieldwork and reliable data collection. Stratega have English-speaking project management team handling projects and proudly operates own CATI call center with 20 stations, along with own CAPI research development. In Poland and various Eastern European markets, Stratega is a single umbrella for market research adhering to provide both subjective and objective market research including the internal recruitment team specializing in consumer, Focus Vision equipped viewing facility, B2B, and healthcare recruitment for focus groups accompanied by in-depth interviews.

The Quirk’s event has under-go a refreshing change with its new arrangement of the exhibition hall that has made the conference program more affordable, which has been welcomed within the market research industry. Through no extravagant meals or big breakfast/lunches are served, the modification of the conference program has to make it more accessible, with coffee, pizzas, hotdogs and grab on the go snacks provided by exhibitors, which has resulted in a more relaxed environment, allowing the opportunity to meet over 1000 clients and colleagues. Furthermore, whilst there are not many key speakers, the extensive final list of clients attending, is soundproof of the big success of the conference, with an array of representatives from FMCG, retail, and other industries. Overall this new format, provided more time to discuss market research products and services which is a great opportunity for both exhibitors and participants.

Stratega Poland’s, Operations Director – Izabela Remba, comment below highlights her enthusiasm for engaging with clients at The Quirk’s event in New York.

“No matter the demands from our US-based clients, Stratega Poland’s knowledgeable and well experienced team can handle and run with confidence a magnitude of marketing research projects in Poland and Eastern Europe. Therefore, we at Stratega Poland, are appreciative, that The Quirk’s event provides us this major platform to not only exhibit but also to give our US-based clients the peace of mind, that we have it all well-managed.”

Lastly, a final enticing comment from Lukasz Wdowiak, Business Development Director, encouraging you not to miss this exciting interaction with Stratega Poland & CEE at The Quirk’s event in New York.

“During our friendly discussion at booth 610, you can expect to leave with a token of chocolates, after the choice of indulging in a number of delicious Polish and Eastern European sweets flown directly from Warsaw”

Published On: February 13th, 2015 at 12:09 AM