Sprzedaż alkoholu w grudniu kwitnie
Sprzedaż alkoholu w grudniu kwitnie
Most of the alcohol is sold in December, which is no surprise to anyone. The data shows that in December 2018, 10% of the total number of shares was achieved. annual sales (approx. PLN 37 billion). Therefore, for this period, alcohol companies must prepare well in advance.

Strong and high-end alcohols are particularly popular. This is mainly due to trends, shows a recent in-depth market research study in Poland. It is good to give something expensive as a gift – a better type of wine, a good whiskey or a liqueur. It is this alcohol that is sold the most. However, it must be remembered that the holidays are a special occasion that must be celebrated solemnly. More and more Poles are buying more expensive drinks, also for the festive table.

In addition to the traditional Christmas Eve dinner or alcohol as a gift, companies also protect themselves for employee “herring” or New Year’s Eve balls. It cannot be denied that these are usually drink parties. A glass of champagne for the New Year is a tradition that is hard to break out of when you are not driving.

Unfortunately, before the money from the sale of alcohol in December starts flowing in, you need to prepare for it. Such logistical preparation has been underway since the beginning of autumn. Companies have to go through a series of regulations and procedures that are often very difficult. Booking a place in a retail chain, Christmas promotions, limited editions with glasses or other gadgets – this is what we work on all year round.

Every year, alcohol sales leaders try to outdo each other with ideas for Christmas editions. Special persons are employed only for this task. However, in addition to designing a new limited package, it is also necessary to order co-packing and rearrange the space. The larger the new packaging and the more elements there are, the more space is needed in the warehouse and on the pallet for transport.

So it seems that the people responsible for selling alcohol have their hands full all year round to harvest their harvest during the holiday season. One thing is for sure, alcohol consumption will never go out of fashion. It can even be assumed that there will be more and more of this work from year to year.

Published On: January 8th, 2020 at 1:13 PM