Co kupują Polacy
Co kupują Polacy

In the last three months, milk has been very high on the lists of users of shopping applications. Nevertheless, it fell from first to fifth in May. Then ice cream became number one and remained number one in June. Regardless of the season, shopping is usually planned on Sundays and Mondays. Fridays and Saturdays are the least common. Within 30 days, the consumer saves an average of 9 products. The most active in this respect are clients in the Małopolskie, Mazowieckie and Śląskie voivodships. The inhabitants of the Świętokrzyskie, Lublin and Podlasie regions are the least active. The Biedronka, Lidl and Kaufland newsletters win at the stage of planning store visits. Selgros and Stokrotka close the ranking.

The most popular products

In the following month, there was a huge change. Ice cream suddenly triumphed on shopping lists. It was obviously related to the weather. It was the same last year. Two years ago, these types of products had poor sales and retail chains have probably revised their strategies.
Butter appeared behind the ice cream. And in the next place were tomatoes.

Such customer choices are not surprising, because in May this year. there were many promotions for these products. Consumers wrote them side by side on shopping lists for healthy and tasty sandwiches. The cheese was next. Another product was milk, which is often added to fruit cocktails in spring and summer.

In June, all market research studies of agencies in Poland showed that ice cream was also the most popular product among consumers. Only then did customers include cheese and milk in their plans. Interestingly, as temperatures increased, application users were more and more willing to add watermelon to their lists. As a result, it took fourth place in the ranking.

Published On: June 26th, 2019 at 2:12 PM