who makes shopping decisions
who makes shopping decisions

Who makes shopping decisions in families?

Recent research results by Mindshare show that these are mostly women who make shopping decisions as regards many FMCG categories. This is true for many FMCG categories: drinks and juices for children (75% of the main decision-makers are women), household chemistry (75%), cosmetics (74%), or basic groceries (65%).

Don’t men decide at all? Not necessarily. Indeed, the statistics show they do it less frequently and it’s not that common for a man to be the only person in the household responsible for shopping decisions. Also, there are some categories that men usually have their say on clothing and footwear (47%), groceries (44%), or cosmetics (39%).

Females’ and males’ decisions

The results get even more interesting when we look at the reasons why people buy. It turns out that women decide to buy a product or try a new brand for different reasons than men do! Of course, all of us feel tempted by discounts, low prices, and promotions, that’s for sure. Yet, female shoppers are reported to buy more eagerly when offered to try the product first. Free samples appealed to more than half of the studied women. Also, women are more prone to social proofs they get from their friends, family or even on social media (that’s why most businesses wish to be present in social media).

On the other hand, men will get interested in buying things seen on TV more often than women. Up to 49% of the studied men admitted this could be the determining factor shaping their shopping decisions. Also, B2B market research in-depth studies in Poland, reveals men compare the products in comparison shopping websites, such as Ceneo. They look for product specifications, prices, or the shops’ localizations.

Differences in shopping decisions – why does it matter for market research?

Such analysis showing any differences in making decisions by women and men are of crucial importance for us, market researchers. Analyzing market trends in Poland we’re able to provide the most suitable study samples to all projects we make.

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Published On: August 30th, 2019 at 4:00 AM