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We specialize in qualitative and quantitative market research. Proposal in 24h. Quotes & Feasibility Within The Same Day. On-Demand Quantitative Surveys and Qualitative Research. 

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One stop shop for Market Research in Eastern Europe

We pride ourselves with our teams high standard of work and real-world expertise in data collection, recruitment and market research. We’re comprised of experts in all quantitative or qualitative research methods, with our team  know-how ranging from traditional and online focus groups, recruitment for online and testing, mystery shopping, CATI, CAPI, online panels. 

We work across several industries including consumer, pharmaceutical and B2B and others.

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Data collection and market research

We offer the whole range of market research methodologies. Our proficiently English speaking team provides seamless client experience for international clients. We run one of the largest online panels and research community in the region with an in-house recruitment and CATI call centre. 

We support corporations, international market research companies, consulting companies and online panel providers with recruitment, data collection.

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Get actionable insights ready for you to apply

We partner with you and bring truly experienced project management team to help you.

Why Stratega 

We know what it takes to conduct a successful market research projects to tight deadlines. Our team will over deliver and help  you with anything you need.

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Without Stratega 

Multiple contact details

Inexperienced translators and project management staff

Lack of international experience and speed of communication.

Higher overall cost of service

Stratega benefits

Experienced team of project managers, recruiters, moderators and tranlators

Single point of contact for all services and countries

Experienced in supporting international clients with commitment to responsiveness and sticking to specifications and deadlines.

Competitive pricing of our premium services.

Recruitment team that always deliver

Our in-house recruitment team working with our database and panel is able to recruit any existing target and type of respondents across consumer, healthcare, and B2B respondents.

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Qualitative Research 

We conduct consumer, healthcare, and B2B qualitative research with our in-house team of recruiters, project managers, moderators and translators. We offer online focus groups, traditional focus groups, telephone interviews, and online communities.

We provide reports and presentations in English

Qualitative research usually focuses on relatively small sample sizes, allows for in-depth analyses which is why high quality of recruitment, moderation and translation is so important.

Mystery Shopping

We provide Mystery shopping services across all industries and shopper types. Our experience includes large automotive audits, consumer mystery shopping, banking and online banking, as well as many sectors of B2B where we use real entrepreneurs as shoppers. Our in-house recruitment team can provide nearly any profile of shoppers

Quantitative Research 

We conduct F2F quantitative market research and run one of the largest online panels in Poland with an in-house CATI call centre, a network of interviewers and a bilingual English speaking project management team. In addition to quantitative data collection, our quantitative department can handle many tasks for you, including data management, product dispatch, and reporting.


We have a team of healthcare recruiters and moderatos specialized in healthcare and pharmaceutical research. Our panel includes physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and patients. We have experience recruiting for online panels abs well as in-depth interviews both F2F and online. We offer best feasibility and deadlines.

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Quantitative Market Research

Top Rated Market Research Firm 

Qualitative Market Research 

Services we offer

Focus Groups

In-depth Interviews


Viewing facility and online


Quantitative data collection




Video recording and editing

Report analysis

Online focus groups via Zoom

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