Consumer Electronics & Appliances Market Research

The market of electronics and domestic appliances is facing high expectations of customers, whose opinion is increasingly important and it has got a quite big impact on producers. The Stratega Company offers comprehensive consulting services and researches of electronics and household appliances industry based on market analysis and competitive analysis.

Electronics & Home Appliances Market Research In Poland

Customers, who decide to buy a new electronics, pay attention to a quality of the product which should be working for long years. Poles the most often buy TVs, digital home cinemas and computers. However, for the last three years there has been a process of digitization of TV signal and Poles massively exchanged old analog TVs so the increase in TV sales is not surprising. The analysis of the electronic market shows that the TV industry has much gained thanks to online sales in which electronics trades make up 28% of total sales.

Household appliances market in Poland mainly focuses on the production of large equipment. In 2013 over 17 million home equipment especially washing machines, cookers and dishwashers generated a profit of around PLN 4.5 billion. On the other hand, after the economic crisis, consumers buy only necessary goods so the sector of small appliances intended for domestic use has recorded a loss. Furthermore, customers can expect slight rises in the market of household appliances because in Poland prices of the equipment are still the lowest in the European Union.

Electronics and Appliances Industry brings together many competitive producers who are evaluated every day by thousands of customers because of their products. The main tasks of the Stratega company is widely understood consulting services in the sector of electronics and appliances, focusing on preparation of market analysis for individual products and services and identifying important opinion leaders and decision makers.