Market Research Moderation in Poland & Europe

Our team at Stratega Poland offers professional moderation. Our moderators have experience in the studies covering consumer, healthcare, automotive and B2B market research. Additionally, they are all fluent in English and able to write reports and present in English. Keeping track of time, good organization and preparation guarantee the best quality of the information you will receive.

B2B Market Research Moderation Research In Poland

Moreover, our moderators can help you with all kinds of market research. On a daily basis, we moderate individual in-depth interviews (face to face, by phone as well as using online platforms), focus groups (in our modern facility in Warsaw, and online) or online communities.

Additionally, we can offer our assistance in translation and cultural adaptation of your marketing content. This might include counseling on your discussion guide, stimuli content or any other marketing materials.  Moreover, our deep understanding of the local market, as well as extensive experience in international projects, all our interviews, and focus groups, provide the highest quality of information.

Stratega follows the strict procedures as regards personal data protection as well as guidelines provided by ESOMAR and EphMRA.

Thanks to the variety of projects that we realize, we can offer professional and effective moderation of any kind of market research. Our moderators can offer their support at any stage of the marketing research process. As a result, we can guarantee the highest quality of the whole research.