Market Research Respondents In Poland

We recruit all types of market research respondents to market research in Poland. We have experience in conducting focus groups, online communities and car clinics. High quality recruitment is key in marketing research.
We recruit for consumer, healthcare, automotive, and business to business marketing research.

Market Research Respondents Recruitment In Poland

Our recruitment team is a well-organized professional marketing research unit using a combination of traditional market research recruitment methods and new technologies such as online communities and mobile panels.

We can recruit all types of respondents including rare, low incidence rate profiles. In Stratega, we run one of the largest consumer panels in Poland and multiple subject-oriented Facebook pages and online communities. We also cooperate with a number of blog writers allowing us to target virtually any market research respondent type.

Moreover, we recruit focus group respondents to our viewing facility in Warsaw. In Warsaw, we can recruit virtually any respondent type including consumers, physicians, and healthcare professionals, patients, business decision-makers, and a number of other profiles.

Unique respondents

The vast majority of our respondents in Poland are fresh and have never participated in marketing research before. As a result, they are offered a very enthusiastic and insightful market research experience. However, we also do have strong relationships with specialist respondents such as KOLs, Payers, Business, and Governmental decision makers allowing us to interview virtually anyone in Poland.

Central location studies

In case of large central location recruitment projects or phone to web recruitment, we also have an ability to use our 20-station CATI call centre in Poland to ensure a swift execution of any market research project. All our CATI interviewers have wide experience in qualitative and phone to web recruitment.