Positioning Research Service In Poland

Positioning is based on locating the product or service in such area of market, which will maximize the sales. The market segmentation and understanding differences between other segments is the most important factors to efficient positioning. In this process we identify what attributes of product or service are important for every sector. As a result, we can design a product or services to be adequate for particular segment of the market. If a product already exists, we can point to which segment of the market it should be addressed. Thanks to this, Stratega’s team prepares recommendations on the marketing communications and the desired features of a product.

Brand Positioning Market Research

Stratega prepares a comprehensive product positioning using qualitative and quantitative methods of marketing research. We use quantitative methods to determine precisely the market segments in which we will make positioning. On the other hand, qualitative methods allow understanding how to place the product in a particular market segment.

Furthermore, precise definition of product attributes that are most desired by consumers is available thanks to using quantitative methods of market research in positioning. For this purpose, we use the conjoint analysis which allows to determine precisely the most desired combination features of a product. Product’s features which determine the level of its desire are price, package size, durability, warranty period. The Stratega team has wide experience in products’ positioning in many sectors of economy including FMCG, business, telecommunications, automotive and electronics.