E-commerce in Poland

Poland was the fastest growing E-commerce market within the entire European Union with 31% of the population shopping online in 2016. This constitutes a significant 25% growth since 2015 and makes Poland by far the fastest growing market in the EU. Poland also represents the highest growth potential within all EU markets.

Stratega has conducted a thorough analysis of the e-commerce market in Poland in 2016. The analysis included a full review of all data available. We used qualitative and quantitative primary research focused on the key issues related to E-commerce in Poland. The report is the most comprehensive source of data on the e-commerce market in Poland in 2016.

E-commerce in Poland 2016 - Report

E-commerce in Poland – report

“Electronic commerce” refers to the use of an electronic medium to carry out commercial transactions. Most of the time, it refers to the sale of products via the Internet. Yet, the term eCommerce is not only limited to sales, but also covers consulting of users, online payment, delivery tracking, and after-sales services.

E-commerce in Poland 2016 is a broad report based on the analysis of all available data, desk research, and primary research. We gathered the data from September 2016 till January 2017 and questioned a representative group of respondents. This resulted in 4 focus groups, 10 in-depth interviews, and n=600 online interviews. Our report is the most comprehensive report related to e-commerce in Poland in 2016 providing insights that are not available anywhere else including drivers and obstacles for the increased growth and competitive market analysis.

Our report provides a summary of available usage data and the attitudes and motivation of buying online. In particular, we looked at attitudes towards online shopping among online buyers. Yet, we also addressed the issues of knowledge of brands presented in e-commerce, sources of information on products, preferences on implementation of online transactions, shipment methods, returns, push messaging, and usage of various mobile devices.

There are approximately 38.5 million people in Poland, inhabiting 13.5 million households. Out of those, about 9 million are connected to the internet (e-households). The current value of the market can be estimated at nearly 10 billion euros with a forecast to double in size within the next few years.

Developing industry

This data leaves no doubt that the Polish e-commerce industry is developing rapidly. Many retailers have already started online operations and have a mobile strategy. The companies are actively looking to innovate and adopt strategic models to have a greater customer base. Overall, the sector grows exponentially and offers immense potential for investors.

It is also worth emphasizing that consumers are open to using mobiles i.e. high potential for mobile purchases. It clearly confirms that the mobile channel becomes a fundamental importance for the retail industry. Also, it fulfills the function of a personal shopping assistant. Thereby, it becomes the most effective communication platform between the store and the customer. Analyzing the popular usage of smartphones it is impossible not to mention the growing purchasing power of mobile applications offering discounts and special discount codes.

The report provides also powerful insights into the Polish market. It explains various unique characteristics of the Polish e-commerce market, which international online retailers often miss. Stratega provides key findings related to the payment process, available payment options, use of credit cards, online payment, mobile payment, and pay-by-link services as well. We also analyze Polish preferences in terms of delivery options and premium services.