Product & Services Testing Research

Stratega Poland offers a range of solutions for product testing among Polish costumers. We conduct packaging and taste testing across all industries. Our marketing research team has vast experience conducting market research projects among Polish customers. We mainly use a hall test method, but also home tests.

Product Testing Market Research In Poland

We are experienced in research fabric conditioners, cosmetics, souses, dog food, shampoos. Moreover, in the case of food products, we have a fully equipped test kitchen to ensure the right conditions for testing including the correct presentation and temperature of the product served to respondents.

We mainly use CAPI data collection method allowing us to collect high-quality data within a short period of time.

Our CATI call center also allows us to pre-recruit low incidence respondents of various demographic to central location boosting the number of respondents that can be interviewed over one day. In addition, we conduct classic CATI research on products.