Stratega, a leading agency for social and market research in Ukraine providing insights into the war-stricken country

With 10 years of delivering social and market research projects in Ukraine, ever since the war began, we took this experience and partnered with multiple governmental, humanitarian, media, and research organizations researching the people of Ukraine, both in Ukraine and across the world, to deliver valuable insights on how this war is affecting the lives of Ukrainian people.

We have the capabilities to conduct CATI, online, qualitative interviews, and focus groups in Ukraine, with proven experience conducting as many as 1000 interviews a week across the entire country, including the regions most affected by the war. We also have access to millions of Ukrainian refugees.

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We are a market research, and consulting agency delivering social and market research for Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, and all of Eastern Europe. We specialize in providing comprehensive research and consulting services for projects in war-stricken Ukraine, as well as with Ukrainian refugees.

Our services include:

Automated calls ask pre-identified respondents a series of questions and computers collect responses from online communities.

Face-to-face quantitative market research lends itself to situations where measuring sensory response is necessary.

Let our interviewers gather statistical data and subjective impressions by interviewing individuals at length.

Bring a group of people together to learn more about your product by asking them open-ended questions.

With Ukrainian team members in Ukraine and Ukrainian CATI team and research team in Poland, we have unique capabilities to support any social and market research projects with Ukrainian respondents providing data collection, reports and ready to use insights depending on your research needs.

At Stratega , we understand the importance of accurate and reliable data in decision-making. Whether you’re an international development agency, a humanitarian organization, or a government body, the decisions you make have a direct impact on the lives of the people you serve. That’s why we work closely with our clients to gather the data they need to make informed decisions and improve the lives of those they serve.

Our state-of-the-art CATI call center is equipped to reach all areas of Ukraine, including war-affected regions and Ukrainian refugees in Poland and across Europe and beyond. With a team of 40 Ukrainian interviewers, our CATI station does surveys and recruitment for qualitative research on a wide range of topics, such as relief, food security, resilience, and more.

Our research skills include humanitarian assistance, monitoring, evaluation, and learning, food and agriculture, health and nutrition, democracy and governance, resilience, the economy, the environment, education, and employment.

We are able to adapt our research capabilities to a wide variety of requirements, and we frequently collaborate with clients to do research on topics ranging from food security to resilience. We are able to obtain any necessary data.


Do you offer Zoom focus groups?2023-08-13T21:39:08+02:00

Yes, we offer Zoom focus groups across all markets that we cover. Our recruitment team and online panel have done hundreds of focus groups online using Zoom as a preferred platform. With the COVID-19 pandemic canceling many scheduled face-to-face surveys in recent months, academics have shifted their focus online, finding new ways to conduct live online focus groups (and their asynchronous counterparts).

Researchers today have access to a variety of online focus group software options. Some are designed specifically for academic research, while others are simple web conferencing platforms. Online focus groups are easier to recruit and have higher response and engagement rates because participants can join from home or wherever they choose.

Zoom is one of the most popular ways to keep in touch with loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 The most recent software version (5.0) has 256-bit GCM encryption. High-definition video and audio capabilities mean your recordings will be of the highest possible quality. Zoom can help you track down who recorded a meeting if someone leaks the audio without permission.

Our international projects require simultaneous translation, which is also very easy using a resume as a tool to conduct focus groups. Our team is very experienced in setting up groups in many different languages and providing the client with a single point of contact and an organized way of handling multiple focus group sessions working with just one project manager covering all of them.

Which are the most researched countries out of the markets you offer?2023-08-13T21:40:13+02:00

Poland is the most researched country out of all countries we cover. With a population of over 40 million people after a wave of immigration, Poland is the largest market with the most stable economy.

Polish people are usually a good representation of the whole region making Poland an attractive market to conduct research. Especially large qualitative and quantitative market research projects such as projects based on traditional focus groups or car clinics are best organized in Poland where we have great venues and the most experienced team of moderators.

Poland is the country most often included in international market research projects along with western European Top 5 markets and other large international economies.

Do you offer moderation?2023-08-15T16:09:04+02:00

Yes, we do offer moderation in all Eastern European countries, including Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and all other markets. We have an in-house recruitment team that is able to recruit respondents to both qualitative studies

Do you offer recruitment-only services?2023-08-13T21:41:22+02:00

Yes, we do offer qualitative and quantitative recruitment services across all countries that we cover which includes Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and all other markets of Eastern Europe areas.

We have an in-house recruitment team that is able to recruit respondents to both qualitative studies and quantitative surveys.

What is your experience in healthcare market research?2023-08-13T21:41:47+02:00

We have 9 years of experience in healthcare market research in Poland and our staff is led by researchers with international healthcare research backgrounds. We have a large panel of physicians and other healthcare professionals in Poland and other markets.

We are a provider of choice for most large international healthcare sample providers acting as an extension of their research capabilities in Poland.

Which countries do you cover?2023-08-13T21:42:15+02:00

Stratega market research services conduct market research in Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Croatia, Baltic states, and many other markets. Also, handling large international market research projects beyond Eastern Europe.

When working outside of Eastern Europe areas, we add value through excellent project management and a wide net of suppliers working with us on regular basis. We have offices in Poland, Romania, and Ukraine.

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In the past, we have conducted social res earch for United Nations agencies, NGOs, governments, humanitarian groups, and other stakeholders in the development and relief sectors. Our team has a track record of success in providing accurate and reliable data that has been used to make important decisions and improve the lives of those in need.

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