In-Depth Interviews, IDIs Market Research

We are experts at conducting in-depth interviews (IDIs) in Poland. Stratega Poland offers IDIs with consumers, physicians and healthcare professionals as well as business-to-business respondents. We conduct in-depth interviews at our viewing facility in central Warsaw as well as at respondent’s office or via telephone.

IDIs Market Research In Poland

All our moderators have extensive experience in their fields of expertise and bilingual, fluent in English. We prepare high-quality market research reports and presentations in English.

In Stratega, we can also offer simultaneous translation from Polish to English and German for all our market research studies in Poland. We offer professional simultaneous equipment in our viewing facilities as well as simultaneous translation over the phone for all tele-depth interviews. This is particularly important for all healthcare market research in Poland with physicians or patients with reduced mobility.

For all our market research in Poland, we offer English transcripts within as little as 2 days. All our transcripts are prepared by professional transcribers. We use Polish audio to transcribe interviews in Polish, and then our specialists translate them to English to ensure the highest quality of our transcripts.

We offer topline and full reports in English in your template. Our moderators have years of experience working with international clients and understand your expectations with regards to quality and timelines.