Consumer Satisfaction Research

Stratega Company specializes in consumer satisfaction research and counselling in the field of building customer loyalty. As a part of the Stratega Loyalty service, we also implement customer loyalty and incentive programs connected with the platform of customer satisfaction survey.

Customer Loyalty Research In Poland

We offer many solutions as a part of consumer satisfaction research, including qualitative and quantitative methods. In Stratega, we have expertise in developing advanced solutions with online platforms – combining loyalty programs and indicators of consumer satisfaction.

Our methods

Exemplary research methods used to assess consumer satisfaction include:

store exit interviews – store customers research with the use of CAPI on tablets or PCs right after the consumer leaves a store
telephone surveys (CATI / TDI) – for instance, with the use of the Client’s database
online research – conducted among the present and potential customers
mystery shopping – an evaluation of basic parameters of customer service
focus groups with clients
online communities – advanced methods of consumer satisfaction surveys with the use of loyalty programs as a basis of recruitment

Stratega designs research platforms and customer panels for the client’s needs. As a result, the client team also has the ability to manage a loyalty program and a research panel. We give instructions and carry out training for the Clients. Moreover, we grant the client the license to use the developed software.

In Stratega, we do our best to share our expertise in the local market as well as extensive hands-on expertise to meet the needs of each client. Therefore, our offer is always tailored to the specificity of the client’s industry. So far, we have worked with companies from FMCG, healthcare, automotive, or banking and insurance market.

We analyze consumer behavior and customer satisfaction as part of market research conducted by our company. Afterward, on the basis of analysis, we indicate the main factors affecting customer satisfaction and compare the results with the competitors’ activity and positioning. As a consequence, we can offer explicit guidelines on the recovery program.