Market Research For Export Business in Poland

In 2013, for the first time since the political transformation in Poland, i.e. for over 20 years, Polish exports recorded a surplus compared to imports. Polish exporters have opened up to new markets, but the main recipients of our goods are still bordering countries.

The most imported from Poland is Germany, who purchased goods for over EUR 38 billion, and comparing it with the previous year, the result is better by 5.2%. The next places are Great Britain, where the effect of Polish emigration is at work, and the Czech Republic, which is another of our neighbors. On the other hand, very large increases appeared in trade contacts with developing countries and Central and Eastern Europe, ie Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The total value of goods exported from Poland amounted to EUR 156 billion and was higher than the value of exports in 2012 by 5.2%. Market research shows that the Polish economy should revive each year thanks to the situation on European markets and the dynamics of Polish exports. The estimated increase in 2014 is projected at 9% and is expected to amount to over EUR 176 billion.

Poland’s main export goods are agri-food products and raw materials such as salt, earth, sulfur and metal ores. In these areas of the economy, exports increased by as much as 14%. Taking a closer look at the goods that certain countries import from us, the Germans focus their attention on fruit juices, rapeseed, fish and bakery products. In turn, in Great Britain they appreciate Polish confectionery and chocolate products, as well as processed meat and poultry. Difficult-to-obtain chemical products, such as essential oils, perfumery preparations or rubber products, were also very popular. In the electronics and household appliances industry, Polish exports benefited the most from sending washing machines, refrigerators and dishwashers to foreign customers. Poland also remains one of the world leaders in the export of furniture, second only to China, Italy and Germany, generating revenues of over EUR 5 billion.