Market Segmentation in Poland

Market segmentation is a key marketing technique that allows you to precisely define your marketing strategy and use promotional elements for the best results. The market segmentation is based on the fact that no company is able to prepare one offer for all consumers.

Consumers are too numerous and too different to treat everyone the same way. Based on the collected market data, the market research company Stratega performs market segmentation using advanced statistical techniques. Market segmentation consists in selecting groups of consumers with similar characteristics.

Advanced statistical techniques allow segmentation using a combination of demographic characteristics, income, preferences, attitudes to product and service, and consumer behavior.

The team of the market research company Stratega specializes in market segmentation that allows you to make specific marketing decisions. We work together with the client’s team to identify the most important segmentation levels.

The market segmentation of Stratega enables effective product or service positioning with a view to achieving a high market share.