Automotive research in Poland

Stratega Poland is a market research agency based in Warsaw, Poland. We conduct market research in Poland, and we are experts in the field of the Polish automotive market. Thanks to our deep understanding of the local market, we guarantee the highest quality of the research we conduct in our country. We offer research testing marketing concepts, but also the ones verifying products, services or ads ideas. 

To achieve marketing goals in the automotive industry, we offer various qualitative and quantitative studies. For instance:

Because of our extensive hands-on experience, we guarantee the highest quality of our solutions. Our company has broad expertise in the local market research, as well as international professional approach. As a result, we offer our full and qualified support at all stages of your market research. In Stratega, we develop research tools (questionnaires, discussion guides, online surveys), as well as translate and adapt the already existing methods that Clients used in other countries. We can help with recruitment and moderate research sessions and interviews. Last but not least, we offer our assistance as regards creating professional databases as well as brief or wide-ranging reports on the results.