Energy Sector Market Research In Poland

Stratega Poland offers comprehensive consulting services and a power industry’s marketing research based on an analysis of the market and competitive intelligence.

Energy Sector Market Research & Analysis In Poland

According to the market report prepared by the Stratega Company, Polish energy sector is currently facing serious challenges. In the next few years, Poland has to rebuild their production capacities, replacing or revitalizing units which are already worn. Energy sector market research shows that there is a plenty of new possibilities in the delivery, monitoring, installation and technical evaluation of new equipment.

The company offers widely understood consulting services on the energy market. We prepare an analysis of the market for particular products and services and identify important opinion leaders and decision makers. We conduct a detailed analysis of the competition as well.

According to the analysis prepared by the Stratega Company, more than 40% of the  blocks are operated for over 40 years and more than 10% are over 50 years working which indicates a high degree of decrease in the value of the energy sector. Analysis of the energy market shows that every year there should be built a new power plant with a capacity of 1000 MW to ensure the national energy security. It seems difficult to achieve, because now the plan is realized only in 60%. Moreover, according to the report of the Minister of Economy, there is a potential risk of power shortage, especially after the January 1st 2016 and this can be a result of failing to take action which will result start of new investments.

Energy sector market research shows that in Poland the structure of electricity production has changed little in recent years – the share of solid fuels in electricity production was 88% in 2009, while in 2004 reached the level of 93%. According to the analysis of the market we can see that a conventional energy, mainly based on coal and brown coal will be the most important segment of the sector for a long time.

Market analysis presents that in the next few years it can be earmarked around PLN 100 billion for the investments in the energy market, of which PLN 40 billion will be for the construction energy blocks and transmission networks. What is more, the construction of new power blocks has already started or it will begin soon in Turów, Opole, Puławy, Blachownia, Stalowa Wola, Jaworzno, Kozienice and Włocławek. All of these projects should begin no later than in 2015 and finish before 2020. Every of these projects bring a number of new opportunities for companies currently operating in the energy market and also for those companies which just starting actions. The Stratega Company provides market analysis and an analysis of competition in the energy market, which can reduce the risk and assure the lead for a company operating in this area.