Concept Testing Market Research

Concept testing is one of the most common marketing research performed in Stratega. Without a doubt, performing market research on the concept stage determines the effectiveness of future campaigns.  In particular, such research allows for a precise definition of the consumers’ needs and expectations. As a result, the whole marketing strategy is more efficient and relevant to the market and the audience, as well. This allows determining whether a product, element of marketing communication or advertising will appeal to the target group.

Concept Testing User Market Research In Poland

To test the marketing concepts, we realize projects including ad (scripts, images or videos) and communications testing (slogans, leaflets, translation & cultural adaptation of marketing content). Additionally, we conduct product and services concept testing. These involve a presentation of the specification of a product or a service and seeking consumers’ perceptions, feelings, and objections. As a result, we can identify the areas for improvement and offer possible solutions.

In Stratega, we realize concept testing projects with the use of both, qualitative and quantitative methods. We specialize in focus groups (both online and in our facility in Warsaw), IDIs and online communities. 

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