Concept testing

The most common marketing research performed by the Stratega Company is tests of concepts. Performing market research on the concept stage allows you to keep a lot of savings and precisely defines the requirements of the consumer. Concept testing is commonly used in consumers’’ researches when there is a necessity to determine whether a product or element of marketing communication or advertising will appeal to the target group .

Stratega – the market research agency has prepared solutions including:

Advertisements tests, where we test the concepts of advertising material in the form of images or videos
Communication tests, where we test advertisements and their slogans, leaflets, translations from foreign
Product concept tests, where we present the product specification and we test potential interest of consumer of new product.
Testing of concepts services during which we present the description of the service and we get consumer opinions on it, along with any possible proposals.

Performed by the Stratega market research agency, concept tests allow you to save time and money by verifying whether the concept has the potential in the market or it is appreciated in the opinion of the consumer.

Concept testing is realized using both qualitative researches in the form of a focus group, as well as using online research.