F2F Interviews in Poland

Stratega Poland conducts face to face market research in Poland. We conduct interview respondents at home, at their offices and through street intercept.

This type of research is still one of the most popular methods of marketing research.

Face-to-Face Interview Market Research In Poland

Respondents interviewed at home feel comfortable and willing to spend more time and pay more attention than in other situations. Market research at homes of respondents is often conducted by using pen and paper techniques. Alternatively, we also use CAPI method on tablets or PCs. If the project does not specify the requirements, we use a random sampling method to ensure a representative sample of the Polish population.

The use of ethnographic techniques is another way to use market research conducted in respondents’ homes. This can be an ethnographic interview and a simplified form as an observation of the respondent’s home environment and consumer behavior.

Street intercept is another F2F popular market research method in Poland. This method consists in reaching the respondents during their normal daily activities, for example, during shopping. We recommend this method in the case of consumer satisfaction surveys, which we conduct with consumers who just made ​​a purchase or made use of some services.

Intercept method of marketing research has many applications. Moreover, this method is much less expensive than other methods of recruiting respondents. This method is particularly handy for consumer market research when incidence rates are high. In the intercept method interviewers can use pen and paper or CAPI data collection technique, but the latter one is becoming more popular for conducting F2F marketing research in Poland.