Data Collection for Facial Recognition System Development

Facial recognition uses software technology to identify an individual by comparing digital image data with a stored record. Primarily developed for security use, (at airports, for instance,) facial recognition is  more and more often being used in a variety of other applications. In China, it is used by people to access tourist attractions and to pay for goods and services, while some churches and colleges in America track attendance with this technology. An online management school in Paris is using facial recognition to ensure that students are paying attention during video lessons. Before long, phones and cars will be unlocked by staring into a camera.

The effectiveness of an effective facial recognition system development hinges on an enormous quantity of photo data collection. The system’s algorithms identify facial features by analyzing the relative position, size and shape of the eyes, nose, cheekbones and jaw, therefore vast quantities of photographs have to be taken in order for the system to effectively recognize users. The availability of facial databases encompassing a wide range of factors that affect facial appearance aids the advancement of face recognition algorithms. It makes sense, then, to use experienced specialists in the field of facial photograph data collection.

Collecting photos of people for software development is something Stratega specializes in, having considerable experience in recruiting large numbers of respondents internationally for the purposes of facial photo data collection. We can run data collection for facial recognition system development across several markets in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

The largest data collection project ever ran by Stratega included 35 countries and more than 30 000 people. Gathering that number of participants for a human face photo collection over so many countries was a mammoth task, lasting in excess of 120 000 hours. Having that experience means we are confident that there is no project too large for us to handle.

We are able to collect enormous quantities of photos and demographic data within a very short period of time by using various devices, including any special equipment provided by the client. Stratega has extensive experience in taking photographs and recruiting people to be photographed in an assortment of locations, such as cars, buses, theme parks, stadiums and public places. This captures a wide range of background and lighting conditions, providing a variety of settings.

Collecting photos of people for facial recognition system development is a key component of this exciting technology which is only going to play a larger and larger role in everyday life.

Stratega is one of the very few companies internationally with capabilities to collect large number of data in the form of photos from real people across the world to be used in facial recognition system development. We support mobile phone manufacturers and other tech companies in human data collections used in software development. We can collect data in person from real people across all countries around the world and handle any logistics involved in shipping equipment and recruiting people to this process.