Telecommunications Market Research

Market of telecommunications providers in Poland is dominated by four large companies, each of which has a different idea on acquiring customers and persuading clients to their services. The Stratega Poland offers marketing research for telecommunications market in Poland, basing their data on market analysis and competition analysis.

Telecom Market Research & Analysis In Poland

Since 2011, the popularity of mobile telephony and the number of its customers increased steadily, leaving far behind the landlines. Customers are quite satisfied with the operators on the telecommunications market mainly due to the growing number of offers with a simultaneous drop of their prices. The greatest number of customers still has the Orange network, used by over 15 million customers. The introduction of “NJU” offer had the biggest influence of the increase in the number of buyers because “NJU” offer has proven to be the most popular services offered to all other networks. On the Orange offer reacted T-Mobile and Play network, but their offers were less successful. On the other hand, the fourth network Polkomtel has focused on the development of LTE mobile internet.

Market analysis has shown that the Internet services (fixed and mobile) noted relatively balanced results. Again, the biggest impact on these results has prices of the operators who are trying to make more and more attractive packages for their customers.

In 2013, there were average 142 SIM cards for hundred people and among persons over the age of 15, almost 90% of respondents declared using mobile phones. It only proves the growing demand on telecommunication services. Moreover, Poland is one of the UE countries where there are the cheapest mobile phone calls.

Competition and “price wars” have a deep impact in a telecommunications sector which also proves how important are market researches and competitive analysis performed by Stratega Institute.