Consumers are resisting


The way we do shopping is changing. Only a few years ago when choosing a product, we were guided primarily by the brand, price, recommendation of relatives and our own shopping list, which was supposed to keep finances in check. Today, what we choose from the store shelf is influenced by, among others applications [...]

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Sustainable development


Is the idea of ​​sustainable development in corporations disappearing or is it gaining importance? Although it seems surprising, both views are true. Companies no longer ignore ecology - in most large enterprises there is someone who concentrates on these matters, at least in part. Therefore, managers can honestly say to MIT that the issue [...]

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Revolution in trade and consumption


Possession is becoming less and less important. More important than ever before is access. From year to year, we are the owners of a smaller and smaller part of what we use. A recent study shows that over 90% of Polish consumers participate in the subscription economy. Digital technology drives the migration process from [...]

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Polish consumers started to buy expensive smartphones


A few years ago, the smartphone market over 2.5 thousand. zlotys was a niche in Poland. It was literally a few percent of the total equipment sold. These were the times when we paid 2999 PLN for the flagship. Today the situation looks completely different. As it turns out, the smartphone market in Poland [...]

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Heat is affecting the economy


Vanity or ice cream disappearing from the stores is one side of the hot weather. On the other hand there is a decrease in employee productivity and overloaded power plants. In the short term, high temperatures cause more water or ice cream sales, but on the other hand, the economy suffers, for example due [...]

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Vege revolution


In 2019, Warsaw is ranked third in the most provincial cities in the world. At every step we hear about veg-burger, vege-restaurant, vege-cosmetics and even veg-beer. Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław, virtually every new restaurant exudes an offer for vegetarians. The number of people using products for vegetarians is growing, this is an undeniable fact. [...]

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Influencers in business


For several years, the influencer market has been growing fast in Poland.This gives the retail sector great opportunities. However, investment reliability depends mainly on the choice of the right person and the principles of cooperation. The ability to create specific shopping attitudes among customers is crucial, and this is not easy. Without the ability to [...]

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Ordering food online


The growth rate of the online orders market in the order of 40-50 % annually is much larger than the growth of the entire e-commerce market. The merits of young generations brought up in the age of the Internet and modern technologies are significant. Nearly two-thirds of all people ordering food through the Internet [...]

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To the store with a smartphone


How technology affects our purchases in traditional stores? Customers increasingly use digital technology, not only to buy on the Internet. It also helps them in purchases made in traditional stores.According to a recent survey, customers use electronic devices during nearly two out of three visits to the store. Today we no longer have two [...]

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