Ordering food online


The growth rate of the online orders market in the order of 40-50 % annually is much larger than the growth of the entire e-commerce market. The merits of young generations brought up in the age of the Internet and modern technologies are significant. Nearly two-thirds of all people ordering food through the Internet [...]

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To the store with a smartphone


How technology affects our purchases in traditional stores? Customers increasingly use digital technology, not only to buy on the Internet. It also helps them in purchases made in traditional stores.According to a recent survey, customers use electronic devices during nearly two out of three visits to the store. Today we no longer have two [...]

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New consumers trends


Polish society is changing very fast, which also affects changes in consumer purchasing behavior. The last survey distinguished seven consumer trends that will shape trade in Poland in the near future. Above all, the purchasing power of Polish consumers is growing. The recently introduced social programs or the minimum wage rate are not without [...]

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New technologies support development of business


The FMCG industry is one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy. Responding to changes taking place in this market environment usually requires the automation of key business processes with the help of proven IT solutions. In most enterprises, the strategic area of ​​activity is undoubtedly the sale, which is most often carried [...]

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Easter time


Food for Easter will be about 2.5 % more expensive than last year. According to the bank's analysts, vegetables and bread will grow the most. However, eggs will be definitely cheaper. According to bank analysts, due to last year's crop failure in Poland and the European Union, significant increases in vegetable prices have been [...]

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Lidl sets off with an online store in Poland


Lidl is starting a new business in Poland. The owner of the second largest discount chain in our country will launch an online store. You will be able to buy non-food items there, including clothing, home items and household appliances. For now, however, there will be no food on sale. The creation of the [...]

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Awareness of shopping


Polish consumers increasingly want to know what is happening with the money they leave in stores. Whether they stay in the country or go abroad. The experts in the country have been talking about such a mature attitude at the store shelf for years. Although the most important criterion for Polish consumers when choosing [...]

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Casual friday : craft beers


The fascination of Polish consumers with craft beer is growing. Our country is one of the most developed markets in the world when it comes to the number of beer styles available. According to a recent survey, 243 operating in Poland breweries released a record number of at least 2013 new beers in more [...]

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Economic Monday: Food start-ups


The food industry is experiencing a boom in venture capital investments. The interest of funds in the traditional IT industry is shifting towards food and trends connected with it. In the area of ​​new technologies there is already a large saturation of the market with IT solutions and it is difficult to break through. [...]

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