Healthcare market research in Poland


Healthcare market research in Poland, Europe, or literally, any other country, is what drives the whole sector forward. Interviews and surveys with patients and healthcare professionals provide massive amounts of data. For example, perceptions, hopes, and concerns related to medications, treatments, but also marketing communication adopted by pharmaceutical brands. Stratega offers its experience and local [...]

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Will big data replace market research?


Big data vs market research We live in a modern world with limitless access to multiple sources of information. In fact, the amount of information is so big, it may sometimes leave us intimidated and confused. Living in a global network isn’t easy, especially when there is a lot of fake news and articles with [...]

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Hygiene and safety measures in viewing facility


COVID-19 crisis has taught us all a lesson. We all remember now how important our health is. We've taken care of all hygienic and safety measures (being stricter than ever). Now, that the restrictions have been relaxed a little, we're slowly coming back to our offices. Therefore, it's necessary to remember about the basic rules [...]

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Sensitive topics in focus groups


Conducting market research is all about talking to people. After all, it's our job's aim to understand people's drives, habits, and opinions. In Stratega, we conduct qualitative studies concerning various topics for various industries. We discuss people's shopping for clothes habits, talk about their attitude towards social and economic changes, but also learn about their [...]

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How to choose viewing facility?


Perfect viewing facility Of course, the quality of insights is always the crucial determinant of every successful market research project. Recruitment, moderation, translation, content analysis, and reports - all of these sum up and result in a poor- or good-quality study. Yet, we all know that face-to-face research needs [...]

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Focus groups or in-depth interviews?


Cats or dogs? Tea or coffee? Focus groups or in-depth interviews? These are the questions that many of us struggle with! Struggle no more! We've been conducting in-depth interviews and focus groups in Poland for years now, and we'll be happy to help you with that. Focus groups Characteristics Focus group discussion is one of [...]

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Face-to-face research in Poland and COVID-19


Market research in Poland in the time of the pandemic Recently, we wrote about online market research in Poland at the time of the pandemic. We discussed there the limitations posed by the current situation, but also some chances that have come up. Yet, in some cases, the benefits of face-to-face research far outweigh the [...]

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How to conduct focus groups online?


Focus groups online - accelerating trend Online research methods are getting more and more popular nowadays. It's not surprising, considering the enormous advantages they have: cost- and time-effectiveness! Time is money, as they say, and going online with your market research might save you a lot! In the case of some methods, it's relatively easy [...]

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Online market research in Poland


Changing business reality Considering the current situation with COVID-19, many companies and even whole industries needed to change the way they operate. Many have closed temporarily or permanently, many needed to find solutions to adapt to the new situation. Yet, some businesses have jumped at the occurring chance, for example, going global and moving online. [...]

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How do Polish consumers buy FMCG?


Polish consumers reluctant to change Recent research results show that Polish consumers generally prefer the brands they know. In the popular FMCG categories (shampoos, dishwashing liquids, soaps, shower lotions, and toothpaste), only a few percent of respondents declared they would try a brand they had not known earlier. It turns out we are most [...]

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