Polish consumers – earn more and save more


The total assets of all Poles are still much smaller than the wealth of the most wealthy countries. However, it seems that it’s going to change. We are among those in the world who got rich the most quickly in the last year. Nearly 49% od Polish consumers have savings and is not afraid [...]

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Poland – what are we spending money on?


What do the Polish consumers spend the most money on? It turns out that most of our expenses are payments for housing, food, alcohol/cigarettes. For Polish consumers and other citizens of the European Union, it is the most expensive to maintain a flat. Eurostat data shows that in Poland, rent-related payments absorb almost 21.2 [...]

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E-Commerce in Poland


Poland is the ninth largest country in Europe and with a population of over 38 million people, it’s the sixth most populous EU country. The E-commerce sector is a dynamically developing along with rapindly changing Polish economy. It’s value is expected to increase to 63 billion PLN by 2020. Online buyers are 56% of [...]

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The Golden Age of Discounters


Polish people love to shop in foreign chain stores. Consumers behavior is constantly changing along with rapidly changing economy. Despite this, the polish market has been overtaken for years by food discounters. We are used to shopping in large retail chains. When it comes to decision of the place we want to choose for [...]

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Research & Results Show 2018 in Munich


Stratega Poland will participate at the Research and Results conference, held on 24th and 25th of October 2018 for the fifth time. We will also be really pleased to discuss current market trends and exchange thoughts at the Research Club, organized at the first day of the event. This year, the representative of Stratega [...]

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New trends in consumer behavior in Poland


Poland is one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing economies. Polish people are earning more and more and the market is still young and emerging. All of these factors are pushing the economy to a constant development. Latest research shows what are the current shopping habits of Polish consumers including where they are usually [...]

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The Research Club – Hamburg April 27, 2017


The Research Club - Hamburg April 27, 2017 Hamburg is a wonderful city to host another networking event, gathering professionals from the research industry. The Research Club is an organiser of nearly 30 events a year in various cities around the globe. It is a great opportunity to spend time with friends, make new contacts [...]

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Cyber-universe and invisible consumer


Cyber-universe and invisible consumer Our company Stratega Poland and i-view Warsaw were pleased to participate in the Cyber7.0 conference- “Cyber-universe and invisible consumer”, which took place on April 6, 2017 at the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw. Cyber7.0 is a series of six Cyberresearch conferences launched in 2010, which were the first events in Poland [...]

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The Research Club- April 6th, 2017


The Research Club - April 6th, 2017 One of the most popular events in every research person’s calendar is the networking event - The Research Club. It took place this April 6th at Funky Jim Pub located on 9 Mazowiecka Street in Warsaw, in the same tenement house as our market research viewing facility, [...]

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The Quirk’s Event New York City


Meet Stratega Poland & CEE at booth 610 - The Quirk’s Event New York City Stratega Poland & CEE are most excited to be marking their presence again, at one of the world’s leading conference in market research, The Quirk’s. Over 1000 participants and sponsors have registered at this sold-out event and is scheduled [...]

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