How do Polish consumers buy FMCG?


Polish consumers are very attached to several FMCG brands known to them and are reluctant to try something new. Polish consumers are generally very attached to several brands they know and are reluctant to try something new. In the popular FMCG categories tested (shampoos, dishwashing liquids, soaps, shower lotions and toothpastes), only a few [...]

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Polish consumers are not afraid


Despite the fact that every third Polish consumer believes that the current economic situation in Poland is worse than a year ago, and more than half of the respondents believe that in the coming months Poland will be affected by recession, Polish consumers are among the most optimistic Europeans in terms of assessing the [...]

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Polish consumers are spending less money


A recent survey shows that Polish consumers still assess the current economic situation well. Only 14 % sees signs of recession, around 34% claim that the situation in Poland is generally worse than a year ago. Compared to other European societies, they are very optimistic about the current state of the economy and their [...]

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Stratega on The Research & Result 2019


Research & Results is a forum for the market research industry in Germany, consisting of an exhibition and congress with congress party. Among the exhibitors are market and opinion researchers, field organizations, test studios, software vendors, data collection and analysis services as well as market research consultants.Visitors use the fair to learn about market [...]

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Ola Gajdała joins Stratega as Research Manager


At Stratega, people create the company and ensure the highest quality of services. Because of this, we are proud to introduce our new team member. Aleksandra Gajdała - ambitious and committed, a graduate of the University of Lodz and Warsaw University of Technology, with 15 years of experience in market research, joined us as [...]

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New market trends


Consumer segmentation, "careful" consumption and the boom for plant products are currently shaping the food industry. Fast, easy and aesthetically pleasing Consumer segmentation and new nutritional opportunities provide companies with development opportunities. New products that allow consumers to snack anywhere, anytime are the answer to the busy lifestyle and needs of today's consumers. People [...]

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Facebook still on top


For many companies, social media is one of the most important places to advertise their business. Facebook is still first. Over six million enterprises are actively promoting their activities on the world's largest social networking site, and as many as 65 million have websites established there in. Facebook is still the most popular social [...]

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i-View viewing facilities win MRS Operation Award for the Best Viewing Facility 2nd year in a row


The Market Research Society is the UK professional body for research, insight and analytics. They recognize 5,000 individual members and over 500 accredited Company Partners in over 50 countries who are committed to delivering outstanding insight. One of the most significant in the world of market research are operational awards (or opposites as they [...]

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Second-hand market


Every second Pole uses second-hand products instead of buying new ones. Already over 40 percent Poles reach for used books or clothes, and almost 60 percent - for cars. Second-hand items are no longer a shame, but sometimes even pride. Fashion is developing, among others through the use of internet platforms. More and more [...]

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No change on a food market


After August inflation data, it can already be seen that with the price growth rate of 7.2 %, food is more expensive since May 2011. Analysts' forecasts indicate that we will still see increases until the end of the year. Forecasts of the analysts of the BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, ING Bank Śląski, Alior, [...]

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