No change on a food market


After August inflation data, it can already be seen that with the price growth rate of 7.2 %, food is more expensive since May 2011. Analysts' forecasts indicate that we will still see increases until the end of the year. Forecasts of the analysts of the BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, ING Bank Śląski, Alior, [...]

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Financial balance


The disparities in income of Poles are decreasing; the Gini coefficient, which measures this phenomenon, clearly indicates that in recent years Poland has managed to significantly reduce income inequalities. As the recent survey showed, income inequality is one of the key challenges of our country's socio-economic cohesion. The measurement of this phenomenon, commonly carried [...]

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Women decide


It is women who decide what will be bought at home in many FMCG categories. Recently conducted research clearly indicates that in Polish households, the vast majority of women decide what will be bought home in many FMCG categories. The fair sex dominates in the area of shopping decisions: drinks and juices for children [...]

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Polish consumers spend more on sport and recreation.


…..but their physical activity dropped sport and recreation. Last year, the Polish sports industry was worth close to PLN 10 billion, and related budget investments reached nearly PLN 1.8 billion. The world sport market was worth last year almost half a trillion dollars.The average household budget for sports and recreation is PLN 458, which [...]

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Over 25% of Polish consumers are smoking


Around 26 % of adult Polish consumers smoke cigarettes - every fifth regularly and every twentieth occasionally. The popularity of smoking depends on gender. There are more smoking men than women. A recent study has checked whether the percentage of smokers and attitudes towards smokers has changed in recent years. In addition, he asked [...]

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Consumers change their beer preferences


In the beer industry, new consumer preferences clearly evolve, which evolve from traditional prices, taste values ​​and accessibility, towards those related to the diversity of choices (including those related to healthier choices), transparency in action, safety and quality of the product, social impact , care for natural well-being and the overall experience of the [...]

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Polish consumers and shopping


In the last three months milk has occupied very high places on the lists of users of shopping applications. However, in May it fell from the first to the fifth position. Then ice cream became number one and it remained in June. Regardless of the season, shopping is most often planned on Sundays and [...]

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Consumers are resisting


The way we do shopping is changing. Only a few years ago when choosing a product, we were guided primarily by the brand, price, recommendation of relatives and our own shopping list, which was supposed to keep finances in check. Today, what we choose from the store shelf is influenced by, among others applications [...]

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Sustainable development


Is the idea of ​​sustainable development in corporations disappearing or is it gaining importance? Although it seems surprising, both views are true. Companies no longer ignore ecology - in most large enterprises there is someone who concentrates on these matters, at least in part. Therefore, managers can honestly say to MIT that the issue [...]

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