Casual friday : craft beers


The fascination of Polish consumers with craft beer is growing. Our country is one of the most developed markets in the world when it comes to the number of beer styles available. According to a recent survey, 243 operating in Poland breweries released a record number of at least 2013 new beers in more [...]

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Economic Monday: Food start-ups


The food industry is experiencing a boom in venture capital investments. The interest of funds in the traditional IT industry is shifting towards food and trends connected with it. In the area of ​​new technologies there is already a large saturation of the market with IT solutions and it is difficult to break through. [...]

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Private labels have 20% of the Polish market


In Poland in 2017, own brands reached 19.6% of value shares (the total food and chemical basket). Since 2008, they have grown by over 10%. Their development took place with the development of network outlets, including discount ones. Over the past three years, own brands holdings have been stable. The largest share of private [...]

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Giants of Polish trade


In the near future, the number of stores, sales and market shares is likely to increase by stores with a small sales area. It will result from the changing expectations of consumers who want quick and convenient shopping close to home. Analysts agree that in the race for customer portfolios and market shares, networks [...]

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Only every fourth Pole without a loan.


According to a recent study, it appears that over 75 percent. Poles aged 18-64 took a loan or loan at least once in their lifetime. Most often, they were taken for home appliances and electronics, home renovation and buying a car. Three out of four Poles have debts in the bank in the form [...]

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How to survive for a minimum salary?


The minimum wage is a concept created by a specialized UN agency - the International Labor Organization. The aim of introducing such regulation into the legal systems of the Member States was to fight against poverty and social stratification. Also to ensure the minimum level of subsistence for as many people as possible. In [...]

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New technologies are changing the market


New technologies dramatically are changing the trade. What is the basis of this change? It may be evolving expectations, needs and lifestyle of the modern client. In the purchasing process convenience is increasingly important.  Most crucial are speed and the possibility of selecting the most convenient sales channel by the customer. It is new technologies that [...]

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E-commerce in 2019 : 4 major trends


2018 brought many innovations and changes in the world of e-commerce. Some of these trends will continue, but new ones will also be created. The year 2019 will certainly be futuristic. We will observe the development of robots, machine learning and companies focusing on ecological solutions. 1. Chatbots This trend in 2019 will gain [...]

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Are Polish consumers saving?


The minimum level of financial reserve is considered savings allowing to cover the cost of living for 6 months. The minimum level of savings that we consider necessary for our sense of security is an average of 69,000. PLN. It has been assumed that everyone should have at least three wages set aside for [...]

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