Are Polish consumers saving?


The minimum level of financial reserve is considered savings allowing to cover the cost of living for 6 months. The minimum level of savings that we consider necessary for our sense of security is an average of 69,000. PLN. It has been assumed that everyone should have at least three wages set aside for [...]

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Christmas nightmare – Unwanted gifts


According to the latest research, Over 30 % of Polish buyers have learned to pretend that they like the gift. Around 30 % complains about it in their head but shows nothing on the outside, and nearly 27 % makes a good face to bad play. Missed gifts are a Christmas nightmare that can spoil [...]

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Polish consumers can not shop on every Sunday


For most of the surveyed Polish consumers (around 68%), the introduction of the Sunday trading ban did not affect the amount of time spent with the family. The vast majority of respondents perceive the disadvantages of introducing a trade ban on Sundays. Polish consumers are most annoyed by the fact of top-down interference in [...]

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Pre-Christmas Sales in Poland


All of the shops are preparing to start the Christmas shopping marathon and sale. Traders are wondering what to do to attract buyers effectively. According to the research conducted in 2017, 35% of buyers took advantage from pre-Christmas promotions. It is suppose to be 55% of Polish consumers this year. Latest research showed what [...]

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e-Shopping for Christmas


It turns out that already more than 3/4 of buyers bypass the stationary stores. We avoid queues, crowds and stress accompanying buying in such conditions by purchasing over the internet. The trend that particularly highlights its presence this year is the increase in the share of the mobile channel. It is already responsible for [...]

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Black Friday in Poland


Polish consumers nearly 80% more active in seeking opportunities than a year ago. This year, consumers have increased their activity in the search for phrases about Black Friday. Compared to last year, there was a huge increase, because by almost 80%. In this year "Black Friday" was searched almost three times more often than [...]

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It’s Christmas! What and where are we buying?


For several years, we have dreamed about smartphones, laptops, PS4 consoles, smartwatches and exotic trips. It is hard to believe that only 40 years ago, only half of Poles received any gift on Christmas. Most often hats, scarves and slippers, sweets or toiletries. While children in the West played with a Barbie doll, in [...]

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Polish consumers – earn more and save more


The total assets of all Poles are still much smaller than the wealth of the most wealthy countries. However, it seems that it’s going to change. We are among those in the world who got rich the most quickly in the last year. Nearly 49% od Polish consumers have savings and is not afraid [...]

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Poland – what are we spending money on?


What do the Polish consumers spend the most money on? It turns out that most of our expenses are payments for housing, food, alcohol/cigarettes. For Polish consumers and other citizens of the European Union, it is the most expensive to maintain a flat. Eurostat data shows that in Poland, rent-related payments absorb almost 21.2 [...]

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E-Commerce in Poland


Poland is the ninth largest country in Europe and with a population of over 38 million people. It is the sixth most populous EU country. The E-commerce sector is a dynamically developing along with rapindly changing Polish economy. The value is expected to increase to 63 billion PLN by 2020.Online buyers are 56% of all [...]

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