Online Communities (MROCs)

Stretage Poland specializes in qualitative online market research in Poland. MROCs (Market Research Online Cumminities) is the latest trend in market research in Poland. Stratega Poland has experience recruiting online communities for international clients, as well as moderating online communities with Polish respondents on various platforms. We also run our own platform and have experience recruiting and managing communities lasting from 1 week to 3 months.

Online Communities is a discussion of carefully selected consumers who were picked by a series of interactive online tasks performed in their spare time over several days to several weeks. Online Communities are extremely effective in studies involving brand perception and positioning, testing advertising concepts, generating ideas or testing package and product testing.

Stratega Poland has experience working with all major online community research platforms as well as our own branded platform for online research. Our moderators have experience moderating online communities across various sectors and reporting in English.

Our own online platform allows respondents to speak freely at any time and respondents can also add their new photos and videos. With the online platform we can learn and see why dent in the bottle cap allows for easy opening or what shape of the bottle makes it more comfortable holds up in wet hands. Online Communities bring a new quality to the qualitative research and it allows reaching those who are unwilling to participate in the focus groups or people from small towns and villages. Stratega’s platform combines all the advantages of ethnography focus groups with the ability to look into the homes of the respondents, through their own cell phones and video cameras. Qualitative online research can be combined with quantitative online research so that qualitative data are supplemented with quantitative data.

Marketing research conducted by Stratega Poland is characterized by innovative research methods in consumer research and the thoroughness of recommendations based on these studies. Using the latest technology in market research makes Stratega Poland the leader in this area of ​​market research in Poland.