Banking and Insurance Market Research

Stratega Market Research offers broad consulting and market research services in the field of financial markets. We have conducted numerous studies into banking and insurance market in Poland, including varied methods. Depending on the research specification, we offer different studies. For instance, focus groups (face to face in our facility in Warsaw, as well as online), or in-depth interviews (such as TDIs, for example).

Financial & Banking Market Research In Poland

As the Annual Report of the Polish Chamber of Insurance shows, for the last decade the number of insurance companies in Poland, as well as their total value, have remained relatively stable. According to the Report, Poland has a 0.4% share of the whole EU insurance market. Life insurance sector accounts for 0,3%, and non-life accounts for 0,9% share of the whole EU market. This is largely because life premiums are still less popular in Poland than the non-life ones. The latter represents over 60% of the whole market in Poland. Non-life sector in Poland mainly includes motor and property insurance.