International Data Collection

Worldwide Field Management

Whether you live in London or Paris and want to do research in Bucharest or Warsaw… Stratega knows how important it is for a project to go well all over the world.

Stratega is your one-call solution for high-quality project management anywhere in the world. With a single point of contact, you can save time, make sure everything stays on track, and get a great deal.

Stratega has a team of experts who work together to manage projects for any method, audience, or location. Working with our large network of trusted research partners, we take care of everything from the proposal to the invoice, so you can focus on the research from anywhere in the world.

With Stratega Research, you get:

Point of Contact

From the project proposal to the invoice,

Research Partners Around the World

Our research partners meet our quality standards,

Regular Recruiting Updates

Manage project quotas and hiring process,


The population, customs, and moderators of the area,


Take care of the creation and editing processes,

Mystery Shopping

Understanding and managing the quality of customer service.

Correcting or improving customer service programs.

Final report/benchmarking.

Focus Groups

Demographic and socio-economic groups.

Recruiting respondents from all areas.

High-quality qualitative research.

Currency Management

A single consolidated proposal and EUR invoice,

Coordination of local currency advance payments to each location,

Currency conversion and fluctuation management,

Language and Cultural Variations

Advice on regional customs, cultural variations, and holidays,

Creation and material translation,

Concurrent translation and local adaptation,

Time Zone Management

When remote moderating or viewing is required, project managers who cover all time zones are available so that you do not have to optimize time zone variations.

Usability Research

Stratega has earned the respect of human factors specialists and manufacturers of medical devices because we recognize that each case is unique.

No matter where we are

Using Stratega, you can obtain insights from anyone, anywhere. Focus groups and in-person research can occur anywhere. Want to organize a group where there are no facilities or require a more creative atmosphere? We will make sure that will happen.