Market Access Research In Poland

Market access research aims to investigate what factors can influence the success of a new product on the market. This type of research is especially useful when a company plans to enter a foreign market. Factors influencing the success or failure of such an undertaking often go beyond the analysis of the demand for a given product. They are often found in the area of ​​legal regulations, public procurement procedures, tenders, refunds, tax exemptions, and both current and future legal regulations. For this reason, it is so important to know the local market and understand the rules governing it.

Stratega specializes in research for foreign clients. We help our clients get to know Polish markets better – we specialize in the FMCG , medical , automotive or real estate.

In order to identify the local market, we conduct, among others, interviews with key decision makers. We carry out research in the form of individual in-depth interviews and focus groups. These interviews are designed to understand a number of circumstances and factors influencing the market situation. As a result, we allow our clients to shape their marketing strategy in a fully conscious manner, using all existing possibilities.

We support our clients at all stages of their marketing research . We help in designing and adapting research methods, we provide a moderator and a simultaneous interpreter. We also have our own focus center in the center of Warsaw , thanks to which we can create comfortable conditions to carry out the survey.

Our operation is characterized by high effectiveness, understanding of customer needs, confidentiality and trust that we enjoy among our respondents. Above all, we focus on professionalism in dealing with delicate and difficult topics.