Car clinics

Stratega Poland specializes in automotive market research in Poland. We have extensive experience running car clinics in Poland as well as other types of automotive marketing research including automotive focus groups, in-depth interviews with car owners and test-drives.
Our car clinic venue in Poland is located close to Warsaw international airport and has over 1000 sq meters allowing for full clinic set up including a focus group room with unrestricted view of up to 5 cars, pre-clinic room, comfortable client rooms with CCTV connection to the main car clinic room. The venue also offers a high degree of security including a lack of access from outside, ability to set up metal detectors, cover all windows to restrict any view from outside. Car models can be brought in to the venue by a truck and unloaded inside the venue.
We can handle the most complex logistical set up for car clinics in Poland as well as large sample sizes. We have vast experience recruiting car owners and we operate a 20-station CATI call centre allowing recruiting large quantities of respondents within a short timeline.
Our project managers are all bilingual fluent in English with a vast experience in automotive research for international market research firms conducting marketing research in Poland. Our market research team include two experienced automotive moderators fluent in English. We also offer simultaneous translation services using experienced automotive translator.