Fashion industry in Poland 2016 – Report

Fashion industry in Poland 2016 - Report

We conducted the study Fashion industry in Poland 2016 from September to December 2016 on a representative group of respondents: 4 focus groups, 10 in-depth interviews and n=600 online interviews.

The aim of the study was to supply new information and fresh data describing current market conditions, analyses of product distribution featuring the most popular channels in the region, and expert analysis of Poland’s macroeconomic status and potential impacts on the growth of the retail clothing and footwear market.

The report also includes evaluation of major trends affecting the current market situation as well as implications for the future, while providing information about important events and retailer activities, such as: mergers and acquisitions, market entry of new players, and retail network development plans for clothing and footwear.

The largest and most important clothing manufacturers in Poland include: Bytom SA, LPP SA, Warmia SA, GETEX, Telimena SA, DCG SA, Vistulagroup.

The brands Reserved, House, Cropp, Mohito and Promostar produced by the Gdańsk based LPP SA are the best example of the international success of Polish clothing. Polish clothing companies have been largely successful on the national market and abroad. They have become ambassadors of the Polish economy worldwide.

Nowadays the main sales sector of the latest trends in fashion is on the Internet. Designers start their adventure with selling their projects at their own online shops.

Some of them put their products onto a website which connects more niche designers. The most popular one is called SHOWROOM ( where you can find all the biggest independent brands in Polish fashion for women, men or even for kids.

At this moment, it is highly noticeable how this sector has changed during the last few years. On every street in Warsaw you can see many people wearing Polish designs like Lilou, Batycki, Wojas, Bytom, Vistula, Hexeline.

More  recognizable  designers,  that  have  already  a  good  position  in  Polish  fashion  sector,  work  on  their  own hands,  most of  them  started  from  the  website  sale  but  then  expanded  to  the  boutiques  in  whole  country.

Now, all the biggest Polish brands are treated as exclusive fashion, reason why is rather simple: Polish people alike other are very sensitive to the influence of pop stars, celebrities or bloggers. When those groups of well-known  people  started  to  promote  Polish  brands  on  the  biggest  events,  people  started  to  copy  them.

Polish Fashion industry can boast of the famous designers, who are already known worldwide: Gosia Baczyńska, Maciej Zień, Eva Minge, La Mania, Bohoboco or Paprocki&Brzozowski.