Polish consumers
Polish consumers

Polish consumers reluctant to change

Recent research results show that Polish consumers generally prefer the brands they know. In the popular FMCG Market Research categories (shampoos, dishwashing liquids, soaps, shower lotions, and toothpaste), only a few percent of respondents declared they would try a brand they had not known earlier. It turns out we are most committed to our favourite brands of toothpaste and dish soaps – only 4% of the respondents declared they could try something new.

How do we choose our FMCG products?

There are a few factors that determine Polish consumers’ choices as regards FMCG. To some extent, attractive advertisements or packaging might influence our buying decisions. Yet, what counts most is the product’s effectiveness (toothpaste) and in some cases, how pleasant it is to use it (soap). Also, we usually rely on others’ opinions. If a product is recommended by many, we believe this might be the one that will meet our expectations.

What about the price?

Usually, it is the price that makes a consumer change his or her mind on which toothpaste or shower gel to buy. Seeing attractive offers and discounts, we are more willing to try something new. Researchers confirm that here’s the chance for market research in Poland since such decisions are usually taken in brick and mortar shops. When we see some competitive offer, we’re more likely to abandon our favorite brands to experiment.

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Published On: November 15th, 2019 at 8:16 PM