Polish consumers reluctant to change

Polish consumers generally prefer the brands they know. They are reluctant to try something new. In the popular FMCG categories (shampoos, dishwashing liquids, soaps, shower lotions and toothpastes), only a few percent of respondents declared a willingness to buy something new. The least, only 4% in the case of toothpastes and washing liquids dishes, and most, but still only 7%, in shower liquids.

Although there is no shortage of players trying to get a new customer in FMCG, several major brands still dominate the entire market. Apparently, Polish consumers seem to be overwhelmed by the scale of choice and the amount of information available. On the other hand, they trust and rely on previous experience with the brand. It’s no wonder they usually choose known and proven solutions.

Distinctive communication is the basis, but…

What counts is what the brand says about itself, and maybe even more, what people say about the brand. Recommendations on the internet are one of the most important factors that convince us to buy something new.

According to respondents, in the case of dishwashing liquid, shampoo or toothpaste, the key is the product’s effectiveness. In the case of soaps and bath lotions – the pleasure of use (smell, consistency, etc.). And here are the opportunities for reflection of the consumer – says the head of frii.cc. The more so that the respondents willingly declared that they would buy a replacement if they offered similar effectiveness at a lower price.

Price might be the key

Polish consumers indicate the price promotion as the most common reason for buying a brand other than always. This is why, especially for market challengers, it is so important to offer attractive price promotions or free samples at the entrance. This will allow people to break distrust and test the effectiveness of the product on their own skin.

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